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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Espai d’art contemporani de Castello Presents Otros fueros [Other Consciences] Tercerunquinto

Espai d’art contemporani de Castello presents Otros fueros [Other Consciences] Tercerunquinto, on view 15 April–26 June 2011 Opening:
15 April, 8 pm.

Tercerunquinto, “Solidarity Economy,” 2009

Founded in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1998, Tercerunquinto is a collective made up by Julio Castro, Gabriel Cázares and Rolando Flores. The group has worked on projects intervening in both public and private spaces, questioning the limits between the two spheres, breaking down the elements these systems are composed of, and dismantling the logical order of their interrelations.

As a collective, they endeavour to challenge the borders that are systematised around the constitution and organisation of a system, whether they be architectural or urban, examining their implications and effects in personal, social, cultural or political domains.

The exhibition proposal Other Consciences consists of showing a selection of six works made over the last six years (2004–2010), plus a project specifically created for the context of the city of Castellón which functions as a formulation or prelude for the exhibition. The selection responds to a conceptual approach focused on the part of their practice in which the solution of the work is extended to other agents. The works selected and documented are: Project for MUCA Roma, 2004; Coat Check, 2006; Vicinity, 2007; Project for Museo de Arte Álvar y Carmen T. de Carrillo Gil, 2008; Solidarity Economy, 2009 and Eraser, 2010.

The presentation of this selection in the exhibition hall is accompanied by three proposals expressly created for the occasion, coming on the back of invitations issued to three curators who were commissioned with the idea of conceptually and formally translating the documentation of the works on display, of which these new proposals will be later editions.

The invited curators are Álvaro de los Ángeles, María del Carmen Carrión and Daniel McClean. Using their own ideas, each one of them has formally and aesthetically redefined one work by Tercerunquinto. The collective has remained apart from this process, relinquishing the responsibility to the curators involved. The exercise has given rise to a rethinking of the concept of documentation in the artwork and its editions in the commercial territory of the art market. Under these premises, the space of the museum becomes a platform to show at once the variations and the responses produced by the curators in relation to the documents that the collective defined for the first editions.

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