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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Recycled Materials in Art at SOFA NEW YORK

As Earth Day approaches on April 22, one of most important venues for discovering premier works of art which incorporate recycled materials is the Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair in New York, opening Thursday through Sunday, April 14-17, at Park Avenue Armory.  Egg shells, citrus peel, lotus pods, cotton shirts, metal, wood, found objects, aluminum and copper wire, and picnic utensils are just a few of the many recycled materials incorporated into three-dimensional art on offer at SOFA NEW YORK.  

With works by 600 major artists in the field represented by 57 renowned galleries from 12 countries around the world, here are some show highlights:  

Michael Lucero
Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis MO
Incorporating stylistic references from global cultures (pre-Columbian, Native American, European, African), Michael Lucero’s hybrid forms contain masterful ceramics alongside repurposed materials such as neckties and cotton shirts-a comment on the changing nature of today’s society and environment.  
Jan Hopkins
Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe NM
A master at creating basket forms from unusual natural materials, Jan Hopkins incorporates citrus peel, lotus and silver dollar seed pods, and black bamboo with traditional basket materials like agave leaves and cedar bark.  With an emphasis on innovation, many of Hopkins’ works contain small pieces “puzzled together” to create elements of amazement and surprise.  

Geoffrey Gorman
Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe NM
“A broken, bent tree branch bleached by sun and rain makes me think of weathered bones.  Old, stained strips of cloth act like bandages and clothing, holding it all together.  Found and lost objects assembled into curious and evocative shapes are what excite me,” says artist Geoffrey Gorman.  His intricate animal sculptures are found in numerous public and private collections throughout the US. 

John Garrett
Chiaroscuro, Santa Fe NM
John Garrett has been working with the application of textile technologies and imagery to various materials for the past 35 years, and creatively uses textile methods to create sculptures of materials as varied as recycled picnic ware, plastic line, beads, wire, circuit board, vinyl records, rivets, hardware cloth, tin caps, bullet casings, and other reused items. 

Gugger Petter
Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe NM
Danish-born artist Gugger Petter works with images that are observations of daily life captured by an everyday material: large wall hangings of woven newspaper.  Color is woven into black and white print from the Sunday comics section or advertisements.  A daily material, Petter uses newspapers that are current at the time she makes each work.  

Jim Rose
Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago IL
Working with steel in an original fabrication technique he has developed, artist Jim Rose incorporates found colored panels into many of his works, making a nod to the Gee’s Bend quilting tradition.  Rose is recognized for timeless art furniture which is impeccably crafted.  

SOFA NEW YORK 2011 will open April 14 – 17th at the Park Avenue Armory, Park Ave. at 67th Street. Opening Night, Wednesday, April 13: Invitation-only 5-7pm; Public Preview 7-9pm, Tickets: $100.00. Opening Night attendees may also support New York’s Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) by purchasing a ticket to attend a private dinner in the Armory’s Tiffany Room beginning at 6pm. To purchase dinner tickets call 212-299-7712. New Collectors, Young Designer Night: Friday, April 15, 6:00-8:30 pm. $35 tickets include all-day Friday admission and are available at the door.  Exposition hours: Thursday, April 14: 11am-7pm; Friday, April 15: 11am-6pm; Saturday, April 16: 11am-7pm; and Sunday, April 17: Noon-6pm. Tickets are $25 for a single day of general admission and $40 for a four-day pass; both include catalog. For general information, visit; call 800-563-SOFA (7632) or 312-587-7632; or email [email protected].

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