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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Ceramics for the New Millennium at the American Museum of Ceramic Art

The exhibition, Ceramics for the New Millennium, on view through April 9th, 2011, is an unfamiliar departure from the museum’s usual art themed shows, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the complex role that ceramics plays in manufacturing and alternative processes used in today’s industry.

With the current dialogue regarding the necessity for a green environment and global responsibility – have you ever considered that the answer might be clay? Or that clay technology is an energy-efficient practice? Ceramic products are used to create clean energy with lower costs, establishing jobs which build a sustainable economy. Organic clay particles can replace the volatile chemicals used in plastics. Ceramic seeds can be used to deliver localized radiation that kills cancer cells, yet leaves healthy cells alone. You may be familiar with the mundanities of porcelain dental implants, kitchen sinks, light bulb sockets, and ceramic-lined crock pots, but you may not recognize the hundreds of other ceramic engineering applications such as ceramic hip or joint replacements, ceramic space ship tiles, and ceramic body armor plates used for defense.

AMOCA’s exhibit will be broad, covering a variety of displayed objects that illustrate how scientists and engineers have made ceramics the most dynamic industry for our future. Ceramic versatility is limitless with new applications being discovered every day in the fields of transportation, electronics, bio-medical, nuclear power, oil and gas, and solar energy. With the collaboration of Wendell Keith, CEO of Keith Company, maker of industrial heat treat furnace equipment, Bryan Vansell of Mission Clay Products, Joel Moskowitz, CEO of Ceradyne Inc. and many others, AMOCA will amass a wide selection of advanced-technology products as well as conventional commodities.

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