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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

de Appel arts centre / The Fair Gallery Announces The Gallerist Programme

de Appel arts centre and The Fair Gallery announces The Gallerist Programme: A professional development programme for aspiring gallerists September 2012–June 2013. Presenting a week of intensive workshops in the Fall of 2011.

de Appel arts centre and The Fair Gallery are pleased to announce their forthcoming collaborative project The Gallerist Programme, a professional development programme for young art professionals aspiring to work in the gallery field. The programme combines de Appel arts centre ‘s expertise in organising its Curatorial Programme since 1994, with the Fair Gallery’s initiative to examine and create new forms of collaboration between galleries in an increasingly expanded field of operation. It is designed especially to offer aspiring gallerists a year of reflection to develop ideas, and gain skills and experiences before commencing with their own business.

The Gallerist Programme is founded on the principle that the relationship between gallerist and artist is the gallery’s principal capital and the driving force of its operations. The programme will include senior figures from around the globe, who share the trajectories, methodologies and ideas specific to ‘trade’—emphasizing their geo-cultural context—which are not covered (and perhaps are even neglected) within academic and experimental curatorial programmes that focus on the ‘public’ side of art. The curriculum of the programme will take into account the critical balance of artistic and business objectives the gallerist will be confronted with. It will offer case-studies of exceptional gallery exhibitions from past to present; it will reflect on the nature of relationships with artists, collectors, institutions and on notions of success & failure both from an artistic and a business point of view; furthermore it includes courses dealing with the administrative practicalities which are the backbone of a gallery’s operations. The programme is international by outset and looks with attention at emerging art markets in non-Western regions of the globe.

The Gallerist Programme starts in September 2012 and admits 6 people per season. The selection of candidates will take place in May/June 2012 with deadline for applications in February 2012. The course has its home base in Amsterdam, where the workshops and lectures will be organised, contains various field trips, an internship at an international gallery, and culminates in a final assignment in the form of a booth presentation at Liste in Basel 2013.

The Gallerist Programme aims to promote collaboration within the gallery world and shows a sincere interest in stimulating a strong profit field, based on artistic merits. Therefore the initiating parties feel it is of great importance that The Gallerist Programme is carried by a broad support throughout the gallery world and therefore initiates a Supporting Committee. The Supporting Committee will be an essential part of the organisation as co-financer of the Gallerist Programme. To further develop the programme’s curriculum and outreach an Advisory Committee with members from both the public and profit-sector will be established over the next months.

During its development year The Gallerist Programme organises a prequel in the Fall of 2011, in form of week of intensive workshops on Curating in the Profit Sector introducing the programme to potential participants around the globe. The programme, topics and speakers of the workshops will be announced in July, together with the full list of members from the Supporting and Advisory Committee to the Gallerist Programme and information on the call for applications.

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de Appel arts centre is an internationally oriented arts centre located in Amsterdam. Since 1975 it has functioned as a site for the research and presentation of contemporary visual art through exhibitions, publications and discursive events. Since 1994 de Appel has hosted a nine month long Curatorial Programme.

The Fair Gallery is a collaboration between four international galleries (gb agency, Paris; Hollybush Gardens, London; Jan Mot, Brussels; Raster, Warsaw). With its artistic choices and its specific program, the Fair Gallery experiments with the potential and the limits for a new format of galleries, while investigating opportunities for collaboration.

Image: Photo by Cassander Eeftinck

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