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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

The Phillips Collection Presents INTERSECTIONS Contemporary Art Projects

The Phillips Collection Presents INTERSECTIONS a series of contemporary art projects, artists are invited to create a new work in response to art and spaces in The Phillips Collection.


Nicholas and Sheila Pye: The Coronation
Through May 7
The collaborative team probes gender and identity transformation in a three-channel video projection, The Coronation. Evoking a medieval altarpiece, the work occupies a gallery on the second floor of the Phillips house and establishes a visual dialogue with Georges Rouault’s Tragic Landscape (1930) from the permanent collection.

Balasubramaniam: Ski/n
May 19−October 30
Evoking fragmented body parts, familiar objects, or organic forms, Balasubramaniam’s work explores the limits of perception. Ski/n is a two-part sculptural installation—the first, made of steel, suggests three branches and occupies the Hunter Courtyard; the second extends indoors, to engage the “skin” of the walls connecting the museum’s Goh and Sant wings.

Lee Borosom: Lunar Bower
May 26, 2011−May 2012
Lunar Bower converses with the profound physicality of Albert Pinkham Ryder’s paintings of silhouetted, moon-filled skies. Considering the ethereal glow of Ryder’s work, the Brooklyn-based artist imbues the ceiling of the Vradenburg Café with a moonlit mood. In Lunar Bower light is given a corporeal presence as it filters through the hanging sculpture made of felt and silk, and connects with the stained glass window above.

Allan deSouza: The World Series, 2010−11
June 23−September 17
The artist’s multi-media work explores the relationship between individual experience and historical and ideological constructs. In his project for the Phillips, called The World Series, de Souza responds to Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series (1940−41), by bringing together 30 photographic images taken on his travels and audio recordings of his experiences and memories, taking the viewer on a journey around the world.

The Phillips Collection
1600 21st Street, NW
Washington, D.C.

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