Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route

The National Museum of Australia is showing Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route, open through 26 January 2011.

This groundbreaking exhibition reveals the richness of desert life today. It tells the story of the Canning Stock Route’s impact on Aboriginal people, and the importance of the Country that surrounds it, through the works of senior and emerging artists and the stories of traditional custodians.

It is a story of contact, conflict and survival, of exodus and return, seen through Aboriginal eyes, and interpreted through their voices, art and new media.

We wanna tell you fellas ’bout things been happening in the past that hasn’t been recorded, what old people had in their head. No pencil and paper. The white man history has been told and it’s today in the book. But our history is not there properly. We’ve got to tell ‘em through our paintings. – Clifford Brooks, Wiluna, 2007

Image: Mayapu Elsie Thomas paints Kurrkumalu. Photo: Tim Acker.

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