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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

MEDIUM MAGAZINE enters 6th year of promoting international artists

ARTS publication MEDIUM MAGAZINE ( has launched its new issue today, which marks the 6th year of production for the online title. As well as continuing to promote the work of artists from around the world, 2010 will see the launch of two arts prizes and MEDIUM MAGAZINE’s own online T-Shirt shop.

The current issue includes photography (CLAIRE HARRISON, GAUTAM NARANG), art (BRIAN FARRELL, JUSTIN HOROWITZ), fashion collections (CONNIE LIM, INSERT COIN CLOTHING), film (SHAL NGO) and free mp3s from NEW BAND DAILY.

More widely known as MM, the webmag showcases a quarterly portfolio of creative work by established and upcoming artists from around the world.

The team will be pushing the social networking side of the project in 2010 to further promote the work of contributors, increase the readership and spread the word to more artists in more countries. Anyone interested in the project can connect with MM on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER, BUZZ, IQONS and PELIME.

MM is also gearing up to launch its annual arts competition, the CREATIVE GRADUATE PRIZE (CGP). The prize was established to help talented graduates gain recognition in their field, bridge the gap between academia and professional life and have their work seen by a group of well-respected industry leaders. In previous years the judging panel has included PENNY MARTIN (former editor-in-chief, SHOW STUDIO), STUART SEMPLE (contemporary artist), ELLIS SCOTT (fashion photographer), LONE SIGURDSSON (HUSSAIN CHALAYAN collaborator), DUANE MELIUS (MD, SENSE MEDIA) and CGP co-founders LAURIE CANSFIELD (Editor / Creative Director, MEDIUM MAGAZINE) and Melissa Sterry (CEO, SOCIETAS). Winners receive a special feature in MM, worldwide press and a KEY-2 LUXURY keyring, giving them VIP access to exclusive clubs and leisure facilities around the world.

Additional MM projects for 2010 include THE MESSAGE IS THE MEDIUM (M=M), a poetry prize with an environmental theme, and M-SHIRTS, an online T-shirt shop featuring artwork by MM contributors and original designs by LAURIE CANSFIELD.

Founded in 2005, MM is produced by a small group of volunteers and now attracts a worldwide readership of up to 5,000 visitors per month.

Medium Magazine (‘Quarterly Portfolio of Photography, Illustration, Art, Design, Fashion Writing, Music, Film and Live Events’) is an online arts publication that shows the work of both established and upcoming creative people across the world. The project was inspired by the experience of leaving university and thinking, “What next?”

Creative people will always need to get their work ‘out there’, and Medium Magazine presents a chance for anyone in the world to do this. We believe in equal opportunities and are not elitist; as long as the work is good, it goes on the site!

At Medium Magazine we work as volunteers, creating opportunities for talented people of all ages around the world to have their work seen in public and by industry leaders and provide free entertainment for anyone interested in the arts.

Medium Magazine
9 Shepherd Street
Sunderland SR4 6HA
England, UK
Press contact: Laurie Cansfield (Editor / Creative Director)

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