Sculptor Nico Yektai Offers Art Furniture on New Website

Nico Yektai is an artist living and working in Sag Harbor, NY in The Hamptons. He has developed a unique style of woodworking that can now be seen in the round on his website, He pursued this technology because he feels there is no better way to view the all around composition and detail in his work. The sculptural forms reveal themselves in a way that was only possible when viewing the work in person. A huge step forward for viewing Nico Yektai’s unique pieces of art furniture

The 3D Gallery features 10 pieces from his diverse collection of furniture. More pieces will be added provided that they fit on the on the turntable. Each piece is shot 32 times as the turntable is incrementally rotated. The editing work is time consuming, but the results are worth it. The javascript effect is isolated in a lightbox and requires a desktop or laptop. Sorry iPhone/android surfers.

There is more to the website than the 360 degree views. The functional pieces of art furniture are broken into three categories- Benches, Tables and Other Pieces. Each piece is presented with more information a click away such as, blog posts of construction, category links, press… There are sub categories for easy browsing of the numbered series and outdoor series of benches. There are also sub categories of the Tables category for easier browsing of coffee, console, dining and pedestal & End tables. This framework will serve Nico’s work well as he embarks on some larger pieces and exciting shows.

Nico Yektai is a sculptor who makes one of a kind pieces of furniture. For more information on existing pieces or to inquire about a custom piece, please contact Nico at 631-458-4090 or email at or

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