Pinta London Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show

The globalization of Latin American art has transformed the boundaries of museum circuits and of public and private art collecting on a world scale, enhancing the value of Latin American art in the international market in ways that would have been almost inimaginable some years ago. The launching of the first edition of PINTA LONDON is consistent with an essential change that its organizers have perceived and fostered in the three editions of the PINTA SHOW successfully held in New York, and which involves the emergence of a new gaze on the nature and potential of modern and contemporary art created by Latin American artists.

This revitalisation of contemporary art and its circuits is significantly reflected in the participation in PINTA LONDON of around fifty galleries from the most important urban epicentres of the art world, as well as from Central and South American capitals, which will feature their Latin American artists in London, a key city in the market for multicultural art.

The participation of important private and institutional collectors devoted to Latin American art in its Host Committee has proved to be a decisive factor in the formation of PINTA LONDON. The Committee includes Tiqui Atencio, Ella Cisneros, Rosa de la Cruz, Estrellita Brodsky, Sagrario Perez Soto, Erica Roberts, Tanya Brillembourg, Solita Mishaan, Jorge Virgili, Frances Reynolds, Fátima Malecki, Luis Benshimol, Catherine Petitgas, Sebastián López and Lilly Scarpetta among its distinguished members.

Like its New York counterpart, PINTA LONDON is becoming established as an unmissable venue for the exhibition of the best of Latin American art. Besides the lecture and solo show programs, different VIP and general access programs have been implemented jointly with prestigious British institutions with the aim of strengthening relationships with this market and developing new opportunities. The fair’s exclusive Pinta Museum Acquisitions Program is a unique mechanism that incentivates the purchase of works from participating gallery through a matching funds program. The guest institutions that will benefit from this mechanism provided by PINTA LONDON to enhance their collections are Tate Modern, MIMA – Middlesbrough, the Institute of Modern Art, Essex University Museum, Centre Pompidou , MACBA, Barcelona and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid.

The organizers of PINTA LONDON have a clear vision of the opportunities that this event represents, as well as of the potential for expansion it contributes to the market for Latin American art. To form part of this historical transformation process, of the breakthrough and re-valuing of Latin American art in the European circuits, constitutes an unrivalled opportunity.