Another Country: London Painters in Dialogue with Modern Italian Art at the Estorick Collection

Another Country brings together ten highly respected contemporary painters: Tony Bevan, Arturo Di Stefano, Luke Elwes, Timothy Hyman, Andrzej Jackowski, Merlin James, Glenys Johnson, Alex Lowery, Lino Mannocci and Thomas Newbolt.

Although the artists have exhibited together previously in Italy, they have come together through friendship rather than any shared style or technique.

For Another Country, each painter has opened a visual dialogue with an Italian artist from the twentieth century. The stunning series of paintings resulting from this establish and highlight connections, in terms of both ideas and practice, with artists represented in the Estorick Collection, or closely connected to them.

The approaches taken by these artists to the project are rich and various. The link between them and their chosen interlocutor is often subtle and understated and each of the painters has written a personal text for the exhibition catalogue exploring further their relationship with the twentieth-century Italian artist they have chosen.

The exhibition represents a fascinating encounter between cultures. As Brendan Prendeville says in his introduction to the exhibition catalogue: ‘It is in painting that the transforming power of art is most evident, for it can draw on what we might regard as a natural and universal faculty for seeing something as other than it is… Accepting that this potential in painting is universal, we might encapsulate its “Italian” realisation in an aphorism: painting takes us to another country.’

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