Elizabethtown College Seniors Exhibition in Hess Gallery

An opening reception for the Elizabethtown College Senior Art Show takes place from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 9, in the Hess Gallery of Zug Memorial Hall.

The exhibit, sponsored by The Fine Arts Division of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts is free and open for public attendance. Featured are some of Elizabethtown College’s most talented senior artists including Bailey Craig, Brittany Williams and Katie Kressler. The exhibit runs through May 22.

Craig was born in Germany on military soil and moved to Virginia at the age of three. Her high school years were spent in Maryland, where she attended Garrison Forest Private School. At Elizabethtown College, she spent four years working toward a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She describes her work as “a breathing thing; it is given life through subtle mood changes, and the music I listen to.”

Williams chose to major in art because, as a child, she enjoyed creating. In her sophomore year, she became fascinated with nature and the observation of life. Her favorite subject is printmaking because it allows her to create many pieces of art from the same image. She also enjoys ceramics. Currently her plans for the future are undecided, but she hopes to excel at something about which she is passionate. Her work, she said, is mainly about “self discovery … I feel that every time I make something I am one step closer to the person I really am.”

Kressler plans to graduate with a degree in fine arts, with a business administration minor. She has concentrated in painting and hopes to attend The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts next year for their post baccalaureate program.

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