Santi School Project and St. Art Gallery & Design Charitable Event

In the spirit of promoting third world educational awareness, the Santi School Project and St. Art Gallery & Design have collaborated to produce a silent auction of intriguing and captivating art. This charitable event, held on April 25, 2010 will benefit the Santi School in Nepal. The auction will feature creative works on a traditional Nepalese medium from the imaginative minds of first & second-grade students at the Shree Santi Primary School in Ramche, Nepal. In addition, pieces from local artists, such as Teddy Beck and Diego Paz, in the New York metropolitan area will be on display and available at the auction. The theme of the show, entitled ‘Higher Learning’, is meant to bring attention to the cycle of poverty that only education can end in economically oppressed countries across the world.

As enthusiastically stated by co-founder and President of the Santi School, Christopher Heun, “We’re excited about the auction and extremely thankful to Dave Perlman for allowing us to utilize his venue, Essex Restaurant, to provide the New York community a glimpse into the lives of the children of Nepal. They are the next generation of their country and The Santi School and St. Art are pleased to be able to provide an environment in which to share their artistic talent.”

Creating a new Nepal, one child at a time

The Santi School Project was founded by Christopher Heun after backpacking through Southeast Asia. There, on a Kathmandu street, he met a Nepali man who took him to his native village. Located high in the mountains near the border of Tibet and accessible only by foot, the village is a 90-minute hike up from the nearest town. This very spot became the future site of the Santi School Project’s first school.

“This event is all about making education accessible for this small community in Nepal.” announced St. Art Gallery & Design owner Nathanael Holley. “The young boys and girls there deserve free schooling that’s close to their homes and full of materials and teachers that spark their creativity and expand their knowledge and thusly the community’s knowledge. St. Art would like to thank the Santi School for making this collaboration possible, and we promise to continue to be a resource for all non-profit entities making truly meaningful contributions to mankind.”

Silent Auction Details

• Auction to be held at 9PM on April 25, 2010 at Essex Restaurant, located at 120 Essex, New York, NY.

• Artwork from the children of the Shree Santi Primary School in Ramche, Nepal along with local NYC artists will be available for auction

• Proceeds raised at the silent auction will go towards books and operating expenses at the Santi School in Nepal

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The Santi School Project gives children in Nepal, particularly girls and those from disadvantaged ethnic minorities, a chance for a quality education by training teachers and building and renovating primary school buildings. The organization built its first primary school in 2008 and repaired another in 2009.


St. Art Gallery, founded by Nathanael Holley, has become a home for all those who enjoy the creative experience. The gallery specializes in bringing attention to philanthropic endeavors and uses art to uplift those in need. St. Art acts as a design studio, art gallery, consulting firm and talent agency for the everyday person with great ideas and the passion to see them brought into reality. St. Art’s motto is: fine art should be accessible to all; everyone gets to take part in the creation of art, forever changing the relationship of creator/viewer into one of mutual collaboration and passion.

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