Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Art for Kunst – Exciting new art project in Brick lanes Truman Brewery

Based at the All I Want for Xmas Market, The Old Truman Brewery. Art for Kunst will be bringing you affordable, collectable and function art from top street artists all in one awesome gift pack. On sale will be 10 designs from the artists in special edition, limited run gift packs (50 per design) comprising an artist T-shirt (S, M, L or XL) and an A6 framed screen print. The designs are awesome and very collectable.

Get a flyer, from Don’t Panic packs, and get 10% off on the opening night.

For images, more info, stall times or to buy online see the website.

Aida is a master image maker and a talented screenprinter. A political refugee from the Middle East in the early 80’s, Aida studied at London College of Communication and graduated in 1999, and has gone on to teach surface design ever since. During that time she developed a hand printed clothing line called Brag that adorns the backs of the East London fashionistas but is now focusing her efforts on her own artwork.

Dscreet has been painting graffiti for most of his life now. After learning to write the alphabet really very good he developed a weird fascination with painting owls, apparently he thinks they’re magical or some such treefondling rubbish.
He continues to paint on the streets wherever he travels and has exhibited in galleries in New York, London, Paris, Berlin and Melbourne.

Dora is one of the few female faces amongst the ever evolving urban art scene.
She brings a fresh feminine style with her distinctive ladies and stylish patterns, taking on the boy heavy walls and galleries and bringing a refreshing look to contemporary art.

Dora’s work has been featured in Selfridges, ‘Mu-Tate Britain’ (London), ‘Crimes of Passion’, (Bristol) and ‘Line Steppers’ (Birmingham) to name but a few.

Faith 47
Faith47 searches for a tone of ink that goes directly to the heart.
Her work is a fixation, merging the intimately fragile and most subtle
Gestures with a raw and violent darkness.
Faiths images live on broken down cars and old factories, down dusty side
Roads in lost towns, inner-city alleyways and highways, large buildings and small shacks. Flowing over from the streets into galleries with a sense of purpose.
She travels extensively through her art but lives in South Africa where the
Soil is red and her blood feels uncomfortably yet peacefully on edge.

“Paint is there to be splashed, distorted, demolished, dripped and molded into new textural forms.”
In a 28 year pioneering career in the UK aerosol and graffiti art scene, Robert Elliott/Juice 126 is the original metallic abstract aerosol artist, founder member of Ikonoklast Movement and former curator of the 90’s “Hall of fame” Blueprint gallery.

Born and based in Birmingham, recognised as a pioneer in the aerosol and graffiti art form, in his role as curator he has helped the evolution of the artform and his exploration of the aerosol can escapes the typographical logo and character ID’s common to the graffiti and aerosol art, instead exploring aerosol paint through colour, texture and movement, constantly expanding the borders of the art form.

Mac 1 has been painting with spray cans for nearly 20 years and has gained a reputation as one of the finest photorealistic graffiti artists in Europe. He has very often had to explain his technique to viewers of his work, as his hyper realism freehand style is often accused of being rendered with an airbrush.

Over time he has been much more loose with his style, which has given the artist more freedom to explore the sensitivity of the line. Some of these later works are almost like half finished sketches.

Plimsoul has spent most of his adult life creating and working in Birmingham, England. The artwork he creates is motivated by the ever-changing face of the industrial city he inhabits. Fragments of the city reveal themselves within the work, constructed from the detritus of life. Challenging the viewer to decipher a series of complex visual signs this sprawling orchestrated mass is at once the familiar and the unknown.

Heavily influenced by the Underground Press Syndicate, the fluxus movement, propaganda and the manipulation of information. Zoot’s work is a feast of typography, misinformation and surreal, grainy halftones. Focusing mainly on print making, specifically silk screening and working on pretty much anything other than canvas, Zoot experiments with mixed media and found surfaces to create a depth of colour and texture, overlaying appropriated text and subverted imagery.

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