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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hong Kong Artists to Debut in London at Rossi & Rossi

Rossi & Rossi will welcome to London Grotto Fine Art, the only gallery in Hong Kong specialising in contemporary Hong Kong art. From 29 September to 23 October 2009, visitors to Rossi & Rossi at 16 Clifford Street , London W1, will be able to see the works of five Hong Kong artists presented by Grotto Fine Art, their first show in London , entitled Urban Spirituality: Contemporary Hong Kong Art.

Joey Leung (Born 1976), Death of Peony, 2009. Ink and color on paper, 73 x 200 cm. Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong

Focusing on linear narrative, Joey Leung delivers her message through fragments of scenes that resemble traditional comics. The story line, however, features her interpretation of today’s society and humanity in raw satire or cynicism. Vanity, greed and self-indulgence are all common themes in this exhibition that collectively projects a personal response to the social environment and changes in Hong Kong. An important aspect of Leung’s work lies in her personal inscriptions. They are poems of Cantonese origin while the painted scenes resemble monochromatic paintings of the Yuan and Ming dynasties.

Bovey Lee is an artist with dual training in painting and digital art. Her new collection of paper cut-out drawings explores the issues of identity and her own bicultural experiences as a Hong Kong Chinese living in America. Both positive and negative imageries in her drawings, formed by meticulous cut-outs on a singular picture plane, express the artist’s feelings of displacement and tension. In Lee’s most recent works, the artist has tried to deconstruct and reconstruct her body by transforming her own body parts into landscape, portrait and still life.

Through her unparalleled drawing skills, Angela Su presents her interpretation of the human skeleton in raw anatomical renderings while her embroidery brings to light the possibility of intricate design and creative juxtaposition. In her unique anatomical world, Su weaves together dreams and alchemy in forming a completely enigmatic vision of nature and the human existence.

Halley Cheng, born 1986, is a Hong Kong artist whose artistic career spans a decade despite his young age. Having mastered ancient landscape painting at an early age, Cheng entered the Chinese University Fine Arts Department with a repertoire of skills. Upon graduation, he focused on a collection of imitations of ancient masterpieces.

Wilson Shieh uses gongbi (a fine and meticulous brush technique popularised during the Song and Tang dynasties) to connect the past and the present through various interplays of metaphors and symbols. Shieh is an admirable artist not only because of his extraordinary painting skills, but also his ability to truly “modernise” the Chinese painting tradition without it being “westernised”. Born in Hong Kong in 1970, Shieh received his BA (1994) and MA (2001) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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