David Hockney Presents Paintings Exploiting New Technology

Drawing in a Printing Machine 1 May – 11 July 2009

David Hockney is once again exploiting the possibilities of new technology in art and this exhibition at Annely Juda Fine Art will show the striking results of his latest exploration.

David Hockney Autumn Leaves 2008 inkjet printed computer drawing

The show comprises 28 limited edition prints that Hockney has drawn on his computer using Photoshop and Graphics Tablet. Hockney stated that it is only in the last year that computer software has advanced enough to keep up with the artist’s hand and allow sufficient sensitivity of colour and painterly line. “There are advantages and disadvantages to anything new in mediums for artists, but the speed allowed here with colour is something new, swapping brushes in the hand with oil or watercolour takes time.”

This show – on two floors of the gallery – includes 10 landscapes from Hockney’s Yorkshire homeland and 18 portraits in editions between 7 and 25. The sitters include David Hockney’s brother, sister, friends and colleagues.

Far from allowing the artist to cheat, this new technique – sometimes printed over 2 metres wide – shows Hockney’s hand and skill in minute detail and vivid colour. They show the accuracy and fluidity of his line, depth and character as clearly as a unique painting or drawing with a vibrant and direct presence.

This is the first time these works have been shown in Europe – the landscape prints can also be seen at a major museum exhibition of over 70 new Yorkshire Landscape paintings, drawings and prints at Museum Würth, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.

David Hockney was born in Bradford in 1937 and studied at the Royal College of Art between 1959 and 1962. His first solo exhibition was in 1963. Annely Juda Fine Art have represented David Hockney since 1996. Over many years David Hockney has been known for responding to new technological possibilities and has famously used polaroid photography, faxed images and photocopying in his art.

A fully illustrated 72 page hardback catalogue is available on request.

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