TurnIntoArt.com Open Market for Artists and Customers

The open ARTmarket is now live on TurnIntoArt.com. TurnIntoArt is an online meeting place for the gifted artist and art-loving customer; it creates an idyllic space where art comes in different forms that delight your senses and preserves your memories! Director (of TurnIntoArt) John Girdwood explains, “Our website provides potential art customers 5-25 offers from American artists within a day or two.”

Every offer comes from an independent artist and each artist has a detailed profile. You may become acquainted with the artist by accessing to their resume of work or academic record, a gallery of previous artwork and their unique personal stories. Their purpose is to create memorable art for you while you enable them to exercise their talents and earn a living through art. The representation of a free market made manifest: choose one of the many artists that chose you!

Again Director Girdwood, “Artists are praising the website as ‘something they’ve always needed.’ The commissioning party can finally assess many artists with varying price offers specific to their customized request.” To see the possibilities, go to www.turnintoart.com and “Upload” a picture. The “free without obligation” customer experience is enlivening (takes less than five minutes)! Artists that would like to join TurnIntoArt should contact the staff through the website. Blog: turnintoart.blogspot.com. Twitter: TurnIntoArt.