Clifford Ross Photography Exhibition: Outside Realism

The Austin Museum of Art (AMOA) presents Clifford Ross Photography: Outside Realism, Feb 21 – May 17, 2009.

Clifford Ross photographs American landscapes with an eye for both the picturesque and the abstract. His images of hurricanes freeze a breaking wave to capture a view of nature’s power impossible for the eye alone to perceive.

The artist photographed the Atlantic coast during extreme weather conditions, revealing the distinct individuality of each wave. The expressive energy of these black-and-white photographs ranges from lyrical to ominous.

For his Mountain series, Ross used inventive film and camera technology to produce epic, ten-foot long photographs that recreate a vista in the Colorado Mountains. By combining World War II-era aerial photographic equipment with contemporary digital post-production techniques, he achieves sublime realism with these crystal-sharp panoramic photographs. Reacting against the challenges of capturing nature within two-dimensions, Ross moved on to embrace the photograph as an object by manipulating their color and imagery with the series Mountain Redux.

His experiments within the media of photography both heighten nature’s details and playfully deconstruct its forms.

Clifford Ross has been commissioned to create a monumental public art project for Austin’s new U.S. Federal Courthouse on Republic Square.

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