New sculptures and collages of Robin Horsch

In the current exhibition GAM Obrist Gallery in Essen shows sculptures, paintings and collages of Robin Horsch. The gallery has been cooperating with the Muelheim based artist as long ago as 2000, and has continuously shown his stages of developement in solo exhibitions. The upcoming exhibition exclusively shows works of the recent two years.
Horsch became famous with his thin and tall wooden figures, which were originally inspired by etruscan bronzes. Like those the Horsch figures had a strict hieratic and frontal orientation. In the course of the recent years he abandoned the strictness step by step. The figures now are in free postures and movement. In distinction from the former sculptures Horsch now worked with a blowtorch, which gives a dark coloured and rugged surface. In addition to it he created a new tall bronze, which is for the first time a composition of found objects.
The paintings and collages of Robin Horsch are still less known than his sculpture, though he has always been a painter beside a sculptor. In the painting and the collage the private memory of Horsch grows to a collective. Here the master drawing combines with everyday wastes; the “made” with the “found”; the ironical with the serious-meant item. All those unite ambiguously to an aesthetic world, which poetically sublimates our reality.
Robin Horsch was born 1963 in Wermelskirchen, a small town not far from Cologne. His work was released in different publications, such as the voluminous monography “Horschfiguren”, Cologne 2005, and the same-named documentary film, edited 2007. This year he already exhibited at the Art Karlsruhe (One Artist Show) and the ArtHamptons in New York, presentations at the TIAF Toronto International Art Fair and the Kunst Zürich are to follow in short.

Exhibition: September 19 – November 8, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, September 19, 2008, 7 pm

The gallery, founded in 2000 in Essen, Germany, is now situated very close to the Museum Folkwang. The emphasis is on dealing and communicating of contemporary painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. In continual and personal collaboration with the artists the gallery conveys their work in regular single exhibitions, publications and fairs.

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