Impressionist Art – New York Central Park Paintings from Adan Lerma : Art Beyond the Bubble

Central Park, synonymous with New York.

Adan’s impressionist paintings come both from, photo images of his friends and son visiting the park, and from direct visits of his own.

From spring time to a record cold winter period in March of last year, each image blends the park’s beautiful co-existence with the buildings surrounding it.
New York Impressionist Paintings:

“Exploring Central Park was something I always had to do, beginning with the first time I came to New York, taking a bus the whole way from Houston. I was about 20” says Adan. “Later, when we came to exhibit in the National Stationery Show in the late 90’s, and again at ArtExpo ’07, my wife Sheila and I always made it a prominent point to go to the park”
ArtExpo 2007, One Year Later 2008:

He and his wife’s experience and love of the city, which shows in his art, goes beyond the usual whirlwind of arts and theatre, extending to enjoying a rousing session of Jazzercize in Tribeca:

Adan’s next news release will feature his sports related poetry, including, in time for the buzzer at the Final Four, “Basketball:”

About the Artist
Adan Lerma is a long time creative artist, born and raised in Texas, with an appetite for the world. With writing emphasis degrees in Theatre (BA), and English Literature and Humanities (MA each), and self-taught in painting, Adan continues his life long affair with the arts. You may reach Adan at: 512-786-0761, or through his website at: