Artist Pension Trust Launches Bespoke Advisory Service for Art Collectors and Investors

Artist Pension Trust® (APT), a long-term financial planning program for emerging and mid-career artists, is pleased to announce today the launch of APT Intelligence, a unique advisory service aimed at assisting art collectors and investors in making informed art purchases and investments. APT Intelligence, through one-on-one phone consultations and customized tours, provides clients with access to a global network of highly recognized museum curators, art professionals and art critics.

Pamela Auchincloss, Managing Director of Global Operations of APT, which holds one of the world’s largest collections of contemporary art, commented:

“The art world has not only grown at an exponential pace but has become more and more international in the past decade. Navigating the contemporary art scene is becoming more and more challenging. APT Intelligence provides collectors and art professionals with direct access to curators from around the world, effectively enhancing the quality and knowledge basis of collections, exhibition programming, and art education.”

The launch of APT Intelligence comes at a time when art continues to gain ground as an asset class among private investors and is also becoming increasingly important to wealth management services.

Chairman of APT Curatorial Committees, David A. Ross notes: “Our advisors and experts are actively involved in the young emerging art scene around the globe, covering established markets in the US and Europe, as well as emerging markets in Latin America, India, China and the Middle East. This is an exceptional innovation for the art market to improve access to, as well as customization of, information and knowledge.”

Bijan Khezri, CEO & President of APT Holding Worldwide Inc., said:

“APT Intelligence is a natural extension of APT’s core business, the Artist Pension Trust®. Our mission is to bring innovation to the art market worldwide by leveraging our market intelligence for the benefit of the broader market and also by acting as a valuable source of independent advice for financial institutions’ art advisory services. As the collector base is growing worldwide, we see market intelligence not only as an increasingly valuable asset but as a driver of transparency and liquidity. It is for the benefit of the art market at large.”

APT is the first investment program dedicated and tailored to the needs of emerging and mid-career artists – a group characterized by unpredictable employment patterns – making existing long-term investment programs inaccessible. APT helps artists with innovative financial planning solutions that are achievable through investment of their artwork. Members of APT are expected to invest at least one artwork per year to the Trust over a 20 year period. APT carefully stores and promotes this artwork until it is sold, at which point the artists benefit from the appreciation of their own work as well as the work of the other participating artists.

APT Intelligence is complementary to traditional art consulting and art bank advisory services.