Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

The New York Artists Circle presents CityLife: Captured, Scene and Unseen Featuring works by 25 artists reflecting Urban Society

Creating a collage of “CityLife” curators Lori Horowitz and Kathleen Migliore-Newton selected 25 member artists’ artworks representing various viewpoints. Amidst the choreography of the street, a person can maintain their privacy or reach for connection. Avoidance vs. Interaction, Anonymity vs. Recognition: Cultural signals, economic differences and social issues are woven throughout this vast sea of humanity. The acceptance of diversity, perhaps out of necessity, makes the city a rich experience.

Living in the congestion and structure of city life, we engage in many different situations that inspire artists to reflect and share the human condition. The artwork captures urban scenes reflecting overlooked individuals in society as well as attention seekers. An intimate view of CityLife is revealed in compelling imagery. Exhibition artists create urban social portraiture that reflects a diversity of personalities in our city’s environs. Using a variety of media, they record moments of humanity unfolding around us.

Selected Artists: Audrey Anastasi, Bascove, Fran Beallor, Margaret Zox Brown, Karin Bruckner, Sandra Cavanagh, Irene Christensen, Elisa Decker, Norma Greenwood, Barbara Griffiths, Lori Horowitz, Sandra Indig, Diana Kurz, Arthur Kvarnstrom, Kathleen Migliore-Newton, Luis Mijangos-Castellanos, Helene Mukhtar, Leah Poller, Peggi Pugh Gottlieb, Regina Silvers, Barbara Swanson Sherman, Barbara Slitkin, Sandra Taggart, Ellen Wallenstein and Ella Yang

About the Curators
Lori Horowitz has worked as an artist, arts educator, scenic designer for theater and TV, and most recently, as a curator and gallerist. She was invited to co-curate this show about City Life that expresses the nature of humanity, reflecting the seen and unseen of society. This is her second curation for the NY Artists Circle. In 2014 Horowitz opened the not-for–profit ArtSpace, to encourage the spread of cultural arts in Long Island, showcasing more than 400 artists. As an independent curator, and former curator/director of Studio 5404 Art Space in Massapequa, NY, she curated over 25 shows and continues curating independently. Her work as a curator and artist has been featured in the NY Times, and local and international publications.

Kathleen Migliore-Newton was invited to co-curate this show about City Life, focused on the energy of humanity in the urban space. Her own work emphasizes the diversity of the faces and personalities witnessed in the urban environment, how the structure and chaos of the city affects humanity. While she has shown her work in many group and solo shows, this is the first time she has curated an exhibit for the New York Artists Circle, of which she is a member. Prior curations include an exhibit for PS 122 and the Henry Street Settlement.

Banner Art by Lori Horowitz; Images by Barbara Griffiths, Kathleen Migliore-Newton, Lori Horowitz, Irene Christensen, Peggy Pugh-Gottlieb

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Launches on the New York Artists Circle website Monday, February 6, 2023

Please join us for the Virtual Opening on Zoom Monday, February 6th, 7:00pm

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