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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Interpolated Locution: Abstracted Intent at Artplex Gallery

January 21 – February 17, 2023 Opening: Saturday, January 21, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Truth is found in the particular. Although expressions in paint are intimately created, their auras transmogrify in the white cube. Context and setting alter who and how and why the art manifests, and the trajectories of actions that subsequently emerge. The scene is complicated by interaction, the catalyst for conversations and debates with voices, fields, and ideas, transpiring into cacophony or chorus. And that alone is the key to Interpolated Locution: Abstracted Intent, a group exhibition at Artplex Gallery featuring abstract expressions by three international artists who trust their artworks to speak for themselves.

Designs, shapes, and colors find balance between a polite instinct and a domesticated confusion within the cubist-inspired artworks by Tuscan artist, Federico Pinto Schmid. Partially restraining the seemingly boundless color are bold gestures Pinto Schmid creates with swift confidence. Each painting is meant to communicate a multitude of feelings and styles which can be reorganized infinitely within one’s imagination. Born in Tuscany and raised between Germany and Italy, Pinto Schmid is influenced by particularly German cubism as well as his father’s art practice. His artworks have been collected and exhibited internationally gracing a number of prominent homes.

Originally born in Switzerland, Marco Schmidli moved to California and developed his work making backdrops for luxury photography. Working with top photographers, art directors, and set designers, Schmidli has set the industry standard in his work with clients such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more. His paintings are the culmination of nearly 50 years of painting experience. Schmidli combines his creativity with an open mind and a combination of an intuitive and resourceful approach to art. The artist says of his process, “Instead of controlling and demanding the paint move and act a certain way, I let the paint naturally manifest and express its pure form/ true colors/ most natural movement.” With work featured in fashion spreads of icons such as Nike and Balenciaga, celebrity photographers such as Annie Liebovitz and Peter Lindberg, and a lengthy list of editorial work in leading magazines and newspapers across the world.

Kodjovi Olympio was born and raised in Togo, West Africa, into a large family of eight children. Olympio’s work is an unfiltered expression of his soul that manifests in a language of its own. That language is a common thread spoken throughout his visually impactful body of work, with each piece capturing its own moment in time. For Olympio, there is no hidden story or elusive meaning behind each painting. It is everything and nothing. Olympio’s work has been shown throughout Togo and neighboring countries, including the city art center in Lomé and the largest hotel in Togo, Hotel Sarakawa. In 2018 Olypmio was ranked one of the Top 10 Artists at the Red Dot Fine Art Fair. His artworks continue to be exhibited at galleries and major international art fairs in the United States and worldwide.

Since the opening of Artplex Gallery in 2018, the gallery continues to be one of the world’s leading art galleries specializing in high-quality, original contemporary art representing a broad spectrum of major international artists. Right at home in West Hollywood and within immediate proximity to its sister gallery Artspace Warehouse, Artplex Gallery is an expansive modern space that specializes in international urban, pop, graffiti, figurative, and abstract art catering to the visual impact.

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Artworks by Marco Schmidli. Photographed by Artplex Gallery