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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

The days of tourism and culture of Almaty were announced at Expo 2020 Dubai

From December 17 to December 19, 2021, the city of Almaty will be presented at Expo 2020 Dubai, in order to promote the tourism potential, with the involvement of the main tour operators of the city. Within three days, the pavilion of Kazakhstan will demonstrate the creative side of Almaty to the visitors of the world exhibition, and host B2B meetings with international partners in travel industry.

The event will showcase creative projects representing the contemporary art scene of Almaty. A site specific version of the interactive installation EMPATH, created specially for the occasion, will be showcased at the event. “We created EMPATH to help finding balance in a chaotic world. Reducing the information noise allows us to see things from a different point of view, through understanding and empathy,” Nargiz Magayeva, the author of the project, said.

The work of contemporary artist Alpamys Batyrov entitled Almaty 2.0 will also be presented to visitors. “The project is a creative mapping projection on the building facade of the Kazakhstan pavilion, bringing the elements of nature, people, and architectural landscapes, together representing the essence of the city of Almaty, and showing them in a new light through the merge of modern and traditional media. In our metropolis, there are parts of the old town and the new city, and as an artist I want to rethink these transformations in my project. To show the visitors of Dubai Expo our beloved city in all its fullness and beauty,” the artist noted about his work.

The entrance group of the pavilion, as well as its interiors, will be decorated with apples, the poetic symbol of Almaty, as the name of the city comes from the word ‘alma’, meaning ‘apple’ in Kazakh language.

“We aim for the whole world to discover modern Almaty and the diverse culture of its nomadic people,” the organisers added.

As part of the days of Almaty, the pavilion of Kazakhstan at Expo 2020 Dubai will also host a conference on the tourism potential of the city with the invitation to travel companies, government agencies, and regional media.

Nargiz Magayeva, EMPATH installation at Kazakhstan pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai