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NEW YORK – At the 38th Annual PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW, presented by AIPAD, Throckmorton Fine Art ( will host a special exhibition of 12 iconic portraits by the widely published New York photographer LYNN GILBERT.

Spencer Throckmorton says, “Each of the women Lynn Gilbert originally photographed for her 1981 book PARTICULAR PASSIONS was at the height of their career when they sat for Gilbert. They each made a difference, not just in the lives of women but in all our lives. They truly helped transform the American landscape with their strength and resilience, often in the face of tremendous obstacles.”

While many of Lynn Gilbert’s subjects were celebrated for their achievements, even celebrities, others were little-known, especially at that time. They came from the arts and sciences, athletics and law, mathematics and politics. Among the 12 portraits in the Throckmorton exhibition at THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW are “women of wisdom” who left an indelible mark on the women’s movement, such as Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, and Gloria Steinem as well as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who continues to influence the societal conversation. The dozen women portrayed here used their intelligence, drive and creativity to motivate and influence generations of women who followed, and include singular individuals such as Julia Child, Louise Nevelson, Diane Vreeland and Barbara Walters. Less well known but equally lauded for their achievements are women such as Grace Murray Hopper, a computer science pioneer whose work helped usher in the era of technology, and Lucy Jarvis, the award-winning television producer, who challenged male dominance in her field with extraordinary success.

Lynn Gilbert says, “These women were the most significant women in their disciplines when the photographs were taken. They’re even more important today because their advocacy and leadership opened doors for generations of women after them. The full impact of their efforts can truly be felt today.”

She adds that while the fabric of the women’s movement from the 1920s to the 1980s provides a historic perspective in an important era in the women’s movement, the variety, range of backgrounds, and educations of women who share their stories of being abused, beloved, mentored, rich, and poor, makes one aware that starting points are no different than yours or mine.

When PARTICULAR PASSIONS was published in 1981, Gilbert says, it was the first time a book had shed light on women who were actively engaged in changing perceptions of what women can be, what they can accomplish, and how they go about achieving their goals. The portrait of Louise Nevelson became an instant icon. Gilbert says it is important for younger generations to understand the challenges of those who came before them, no matter their field of study or interest.

Born and raised in New York City, Lynn Gilbert has spent more than six decades traveling the world, visiting some sixty countries in all. Her books and photographs centered on “Children in Repose” during New York’s turbulent 1970s; “Particular Passions: Talks with Women Who Have Shaped Our Times,” in the 1980s; and in 2015, “The Silk Road: Then and Now” documenting the unique place the traditional homes of Turkey have had in forming the Turkish cultural legacy.

Lynn Gilbert’s work is included in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW is presented by AIPAD, the Association of International Photography Dealers. It is the longest running and foremost exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium, offering a wide range of museum-quality work including contemporary, modern, and 19th century photographs as well as photo-based art, video and new media. More than 100 galleries from around the world will exhibit at the 38th Edition at Pier 94 from April 5-8, with a Vernissage on April 4.

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