440 Gallery New Members Show Opening Reception

New Members Show curated by Karen Gibbons February 18-March 20 opening reception February 18, 6-9pm

Jo-Ann Acey

Jo-Ann Acey

A group exhibition of the 440 Gallery’s new members: Jo-Ann Acey, Eric Banks, Richard Barnet, Leigh Blanchard, Joy Makon, Amy Weil

The works of these six artists represent a diverse array of styles and materials. Jo-Ann Acey’s two-dimensional work is very much about spontaneity, movement and control of materials and compositions. Her new series “Full Circle” explores the energy between line, shape and color found in nature. Eric Banks works in a variety of media using found objects and transforming them into sculpture or richly layered collage/paintings. The work is conceptual, the imagery suggesting states of mind as well as material references. Richard Barnet is primarily a sculptor whose decades-long career has evolved from figurative work to abstract imagery. Barnet’s work is informed by sources that include architectural elements of towers, walls and arches, as well as plants, rocks and waves. Leigh Blanchard is a conceptual photographer working within an experimental, abstract format. Typology, dreams, control and obsession are just a few of the concepts that Blanchard loves to explore. Joy Makon is a representational watercolorist. Her imagery includes landscapes and cityscapes, from Brooklyn and travels abroad. Her controlled mastery of the medium is balanced by lush color and complex composition. Painter Amy Weil works primarily with encaustic media. Weil’s works are lyrical, abstract expressions incorporating grids and metaphorical references to relationships and landscapes.

More information: 440gallery.com