2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Join us, our participants and guests in Lisbon from 12 to 15 September for the opening days of Close, Closer and watch live theatre performances in public space, experience extraordinary installations, join in political debates, guerrilla actions, civic interventions and attend exhibition openings, project launches, film screenings, workshops, dinners and much more.

Public statements from Close, Closer visual identity (left to right): Till Kramer (23.11.12); Justino M (13.08.13); and Armando A. (24.08.13). Graphic Design: Zak Group.

Public statements from Close, Closer visual identity (left to right): Till Kramer (23.11.12); Justino M (13.08.13); and Armando A. (24.08.13). Graphic Design: Zak Group.

Situating itself as an investigation into the expanding forms of contemporary architectural practice, the premise of the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale is not to give answers but to position questions that through their sphere and context contain both a statement of intent and a call to action. Each exhibition and programme raises issues and new perspectives on the way architecture is commissioned, procured, mediated and understood today.

Future Perfect is an exhibition set in a fictional future city that invites visitors to wander through its hybrid forests and digital landscapes to explore possibilities and consequences of today’s emerging biological and technological research.

The Real and Other Fictions brings back the past lives of a palace originating from the 17th century through spatial interventions that foster encounters between the site and the visitor. Departing from historical facts, the works construct ideological fictions, materialised in real spaces and programmes to be used by the public.

The Institute Effect invites 12 global institutions of architecture and culture to Lisbon, creating a rotating residency programme of events, talks, debates and performances that pay homage to the contemporary institution. Intended as a changing stream of activity, a roster of pioneering institutions will effectively use the “Institute” as an embassy.

On a theatrical civic stage, New Publics presents a radical programme of speech acts, body acts, city acts and pedagogical acts including a public theatre and frames the powerful tool of voice as the main medium through which we create civic spaces.

In addition, ten Crisis Buster grants for public, problem-solving projects have been awarded and are already in action across the city from newspapers to community kitchens.

Throughout the course of the Triennale, in Lisbon and all over the world, 100 self-initiated and self-funded Associated Projects collectively support the Triennale’s position on the plurality of spatial practice, through a myriad of exciting experimental and dispersed critique and practice across diverse disciplines and platforms.

Chief Curator: Beatrice Galilee
Curators: Liam Young, Mariana Pestana, José Esparza Chong Cuy
Co-curator: Dani Admiss
Graphic Design and Art Direction: Zak Group
Programme: Future Perfect, The Real and Other Fictions, The Institute Effect, New Publics, Crisis Buster grants and Associated Projects

For information on the Triennale, its opening week schedule and its expanded programmes, or to buy our digital and printed publications, please visit close-closer.com.