Photographer Harvey Lloyd Reveals Mysterious Quantum Reality Through New Digital Photography Paintings

Harvey Lloyd presents LAS VEGAS DECONSTRUCTED which displays the iconic city of luck and illusions through his imagination and quantum mechanics. Lloyd is the first artist known to use quantum effects with his digital camera. His motto is: If your life bores you, risk it.

Venice Gondolas in Las VegasLloyd’s newest work opens at Artistic Lifestyles Art Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 13, 2013. His revolutionary “quantum” digital camera paintings combine his abstract post impressionistic images of Las Vegas with scientific views of a new “reality.” Lloyd employs a technique he invented that uses a complex single exposure process in his camera.

In his forthcoming e-book book The Quantum Ghost, ” the digital camera transformed by quantum effects and technology enables a viewer to see what was previously “invisible.” “Reality” is shown to be only a portion of the now visible world Lloyd proclaims that all who are forever young in heart and spirit will boldly voyage to the frontiers of the unexplored infinite world of light.” The Quantum Ghost, Harvey Lloyd