Solo Exhibittion by Cuban Artist Alejandro Tejeda Mora

Galerías Bohemia is pleased to announce the opening of Identitad, paintings by renowned Cuban artist Alejandro Tejeda Mora. The exhibit will be open from December 8 – January 31, 2013. This exhibit is inspired by Alejandro’s desire to show the individuality of the human being within the most common vestiges of our lives. Each scene conveys different conceptions and feelings: dissatisfaction, isolation, rootlessness, tolerance, hypocrisy, alienation, nonconformity and obfuscation. To capture the viewer’s attention, each character creates a situation of estrangement so that the viewer can then uncover any semantic result that is within the painting.

“From the beginning of my career, the identity of each character has been my primary goal in each painting. I intend to represent the Cuban identity of each person, as a snapshot in time, to make visible the expressions, actions, satire and irony. All these aspects are mixed in one scene, in order to show an image of daily life with all of the details that identify today’s Cuba. I want to draw in the viewer into scene where the character is subdued by the architecture that dominates almost the entire composition. At the same time enticing the viewer to wonder – how many stories can these characters tell us; and how many of these are revealed within the conscious revelations of the painting.” –Alejandro Tejeda Mora

Artist Biography
Alejandro Tejeda Mora was born in Santa Clara, Cuba in 1986. Engraver, painter and professor, he graduated from the San Alejandro Academy of Art in 2005. He currently resides in Havana, Cuba.

His work has a classic and realistic vision that maintains traditional art forms with a contemporary tone. His artwork draws you (the spectator) into the scene, creating the feeling that you are actually a part of the painting and not just viewing.

Mora has exhibited his paintings in art centers located in Spain, Portugal, Panama and Cuba since 2003, receiving numerous awards for his works of art.

He most recently had a one man show, “Puentes” (Bridges), in Havana, Cuba, drawing rave reviews from both the critics and the public for his magnificent realism.

Contact: Eduardo Camejo-Garriga
649 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33701
727 421-7462