American Photographic Artists Membership Increases

American Photographic Artists (APA) announced today membership increased by 35% in the past three years ( Recent years have been challenging times for the professional photographer, with the economic problems and the technology changes that challenge how photographic images are used and abused. Since fine art and commercial photographers now need more assistance with training and resources to meet these challenges, they often turn to educational and supportive resources provided by the APA, creating tremendous growth in the past few years for the photographic entity.

“One of the goals I’ve had in mind since becoming national president has been to grow our organization, and I’m so pleased that we’ve now reached and exceeded 2,000 members,” states Theresa Raffetto, APA National President. “APA is a not-for-profit organization and a strong membership base helps us in many important ways, including a more powerful voice on Capital Hill, and better benefits for our members.”

APA was founded in December 1981 as Advertising Photographers of America, a not-for-profit corporation in the State of New York. In 1985, APA became a national organization with chapters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

APA officially changed the name to American Photographic Artists in 2010 “to reflect its growing need for a moniker that more accurately represents its current and future membership,” according to the organization’s website. “APA’s new tagline, ‘An Alliance of Advertising & Media Professionals’ is an embracing definition of its membership that welcomes a wide range of creative photographic professionals.”

“An association is only as strong as its members and leadership,” states Stephen Best, APA National CEO. “APA leadership has a strong commitment to provide service and benefits to APA members, which is seen in the growth of APA over the last 3 years. 2011, and now 2012, have seen incredibly strong growth, which has to be attributable to APA’s commitment to represent members through activism of photographer’s rights, and the many benefits APA offers its members. Working for these members is an honor.”

APA has members across the world, with chapters in several major U.S. cities, focusing on its core values of “activism, community, education, and inspiration,” according to their website.

“Since the turn of the last century, APA is growing steadily,” stated Jeff Kausch, APA National Membership Rep, APA San Francisco Chapter Director. “Chapters have recently experienced consecutive years of double-digit percentage increases in membership, and some have even doubled in size in just a few years. APA has the largest and most diverse membership ever, with not only a core of pro photographers (with photo specialties from Aviation to Underwater and everything in between), but also a wide range of skilled Assistants, and Affiliates, like top Producers, Digital Artist Retouchers, Stylists, and Digital Techs, as well as Educators, Universities, and Students.”

If you are interested in joining, please visit the organization on their website for all information:
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About American Photographic Artists
APA is a national organization run by and for professional photographers. With a culture that promotes a spirit of mutual cooperation, sharing and support, APA offers outstanding benefits, educational programs and essential business resources to help its members achieve their professional and artistic goals. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with chapters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, the Midwest, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Charlotte, Colorado, the Northwest and Washington, DC, APA strives to improve the environment for photographic artists and clear the pathways to success in the industry. Recognized for its broad industry reach, APA continues to expand benefits for its members and works to champion the rights of photographers and image-makers worldwide. For more information, please visit