SITAC X announces 10th International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory

SITAC X announces 10th International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory. The Future: The Long Count Begins Again on February 9–11, 2012.

SITAC X stakes a claim to the uncharted territory of the future by bringing together artists, theorists, writers, practitioners of the imagination and other adventurers who frequent the future to come together for three days of conversation, images, debate, proposals, premonitions and prophecies in February 2012. The event, which builds on SITAC’s history of visionary discourse, will hope to lay the foundation for a new way of looking at the art world’s tomorrow.

In ‘The Future,’ we will be particularly interested in exploring how artists bring the future alive with their work. We will excavate the histories of the future, particularly, but not only, in a Latin American context by looking at indigenous science fiction, and the chronicles of utopian communities and experimental forms of solidarity in a Latin American context. We will also look at the rapid advances out of yesterday and into tomorrow in a Middle East beset by turbulence, revolution and new hopes.

We will think about the intersections between technology, knowledge and culture, and explore new modes of artistic authorship—the world of collectives and ensembles that act as laboratories for contemporary creativity. We will also be interested in speculation and wagers (including the consequences of speculation in food on the current political and economic climate), in gambles and experiments, as well as in the forceful materiality of the architectural expressions of futuristic visions—of dreams realized in concrete that were meant to stay alive far into the future. We will examine scenarios for power and energy, politics and ecology, forms of living and life forms—as they evolve and shape our realities and make the future the present that will soon be upon us.

Artists, theorists, writers, achitects and specialists invited to the X SITAC are Julieta Aranda, Mariana Botey, Gabriel Cámara, Alejandro Chao Barona, Cosmin Costinas, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Yoel Díaz Vázquez, Alberto González Pozo, Inti Guerrero, Oscar Hagerman, Pablo Helguera, Hugo Hopping, Iconoclasistas, Fran Ilich, Sarah Kavage, Carlos Motta, Keith Moxey, Mehreen Murtaza, Ashis Nandy, Molly Nesbit, Trevor Paglen, Raqs Media Collective, Laura Restrepo, Pedro Reyes, Theodor Ringborg, Erik Velásquez García, Irit Rogoff, Michel Rojkind, Tino Sehgal, Itala Schmelz, Zoe Whitley.

Moderators: Eduardo Abaroa, Magali Arriola, Tatiana Cuevas and Ruth Estévez.

In its previous nine editions, SITAC has established itself as a reference platform in the international arena and as an expected event for a broad audience, one of the most relevant events in contemporary art theory of the region.

SITAC is a project by PAC
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