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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Bungalow 5 Opens Annika Connor Exhibition

Contemporary Romantic painter Annika Connor is showing pieces from her latest collections at the Bungalow 5 from November 9th to December 9th, 2011. The exhibition titled Tuxedo Park brings together the decadent interiors of an era gone by with sumptuous landscapes from an imagined garden.

Image: Annika Connor, Leaves of Change.

Playing off the name of the local Orange County village, Tuxedo Park harkens back to an idealized world while showcasing Connor’s interpretation of whimsical romanticism. Displayed in Bungalow 5’s opulent urban setting, this exhibition couples elegant modern furniture with Connor’s lush and nostalgic watercolor paintings.

Connor, who has long embraced the idea of exhibiting in alternative art venues, finds the collaboration with Bungalow 5 to be “an exciting new opportunity to explore my interest in pop up exhibiting and to work with Active Ideas Productions on a fun new stray space show”.

Connecting directly to the artistically crafted furniture displayed at Bungalow 5, Connor intends for the work to “capture the dizzying fizz of a sip of champagne, while reflecting a fascination with sheer splendor.”

Tuxedo Park provides guests with a unique experience of a showroom turned gallery.
Bungalow 5 is open to the public and available for viewing at the showroom Monday through Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm. The Bungalow 5 Showroom is located at 251 West 30th Street, Suite 10 between 7th and 8th Ave.

Annika Connor is a Contemporary Romantic painter. Her work depicts a fascination with beauty and decadence. Overall, they seem to be fragments from a daydream, which portray a longing for a time of romance and pleasure.

In 2002, Connor received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied painting and philosophy.

Since then, Connor has worked professionally as a painter in New York and London and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions while reviews and publication of her work have appeared in many print, Internet and local publications.

Connor is the Owner/President of Active Ideas Productions, a small art organization whose mission is to serve the artistic community by facilitating the presence and publication of emerging artists and educating the public about their work.

The new Bungalow 5 collections include: the Odom Collection – an assortment of modern side tables, coffee tables, and consoles coated with high gloss lacquer; the American Ceramic Lamp Collection – a collection of contemporary silhouettes in colors both bright and subtle made in the USA; the Chinese Porcelain Lamp Collection – a sleek array of charming, beautifully crafted glossy porcelain lamps with a variety of textured lamp shades; and the Decorative Porcelain Collection – a collection of vases and decorative jars which are beautifully crafted and designed, incorporating Chinese-inspired elements and hand-painted vases.

The Bungalow 5 collections are designed and produced by a group of architects and designers who are based in New York City.

Having garnered a following among designers seeking uniquely stylish yet accessible designs, the company opened a 6,000 square foot showroom in 2010 to display its pieces and to additionally promote other New York area designers and artists who are similarly endeavoring to enhance and beautify their living surroundings.

Embarking with Annika Connor and her romantic-chic pieces this month, Bungalow 5 kicks off a series of monthly events to promote designers, artists, and others who are involved in helping bring beauty into our environments wherever they may be.

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