ArteEast Quarterly for Fall 2011 Released

ArteEast announce the release of the fall edition of ArteEast Quarterly, an online publication that provides a critical forum for the exploration of contemporary artistic practices in the Middle East, North Africa and their diaspora.

In Take me on this walk again, Shuruq Harb curates a meditation on street signs and itinerant mapping, all the while dismantling the fixity of signs as stable producers of knowledge and history. Featuring newly commissioned texts by Katrina Sluis, Leah Gordon, and Leora Maltz-Leca, the issue casts a fresh lens on artwork by Guy Tillim and Barney Kulok.

Harb’s own startling new work, All The Names, collects 210 Ramallah street names in a meticulously rendered and markedly complex investigation of the physical signs and the particular geographies in which they are situated.

By deftly combining architecture and Modernist signifiers, featured artist Babak Golkar disrupts the tendency of art history to follow a linear and “intercultural” inquiry of different cultures. In such series as Negotiating the Space for Possible Coexistence, Golkar toggles between Modernism and pre-modern or traditional Middle Eastern art forms typified in Persian carpet patterns and weaving, featured in our gallery online.

Shahadat’s Contemporary Literature in Translation Series features two short stories by London-based Jordanian author Ma’n Abu Taleb, newly translated from Arabic by Alex Ortiz and Barrak Alzaid. Where I was Standing and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner each artfully knits together the staccato nuances of the Arabic language to deliver a complex psychology of protagonists under duress. This pair of stories gesture toward the surprising path violence can take in a daily run for errands, or training for a marathon run.

Take me on this walk again
Curator: Shuruq Harb

Featured artist Babak Golkar
Curator: Dina Ibrahim

Featured author Ma’n Abu Taleb
Translators: Barrak Alzaid and Alex Ortiz

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