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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Queen Gallery Presents Art Fair in Toronto

Queen Gallery is celebrating Family Day with our talented artist-family!

Family Day is on February 21st this year and so from February 4th to 26th, 2011, we are celebrating the holiday by having a Family Fun Art Fair and we are inviting you to come and celebrate the exhibition with us!

We opened our doors over a year ago and have been delighted to showcase the vibrant and diverse talent that local and international artists bring to the art world. This exhibition is our thank you to all of the artists who have made this possible and was solely extended to those who have previously shown at Queen Gallery.

We look forward to continuing our mandate of showcasing the wide variety of talented, diverse, multicultural, and dynamic artists who will come through our doors in the future. We hope to see you at this celebration, which was created not only for the love and appreciation of art, but also for the amazing talent that the contemporary art community has to offer to the public.

Queen Gallery presents the work of contemporary artists from Toronto and around the world. A recent addition to the Queen East community, our exhibitions are driven by a comparative exploration of art and culture in an interdisciplinary setting. Housed in a refurbished brownstone, this distinctive space is a forum where the boundaries of media are greeted, embraced and even challenged.

Queen Gallery
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