Surrealist Artist Roz Keating Offers Mixed Media Art via Web 3.0 iPad Ready Gallery

Contemporary surrealist artist Roz Keating is now offering her vibrantly colorful and visually engaging mixed media artwork for sale or commission online at, a digitally-watermarked, W3C-validated and Web 3.0-Ready online art gallery developed by Miami web designer Bruce Arnold of

Rosalind (“Roz”) Keating is an established artist who moved to South Florida in 1990 from Philadelphia PA, where her unique visions of natural surrealism with a focus on trees received many accolades over the years. Prior to that, she studied in Boston MA at the New England School of Design and Architecture, earning a degree in Interior Design and Fine Arts. Philadelphia is where her series of tree blowups began. It started with extensive photographs of trees, which seemed to call to her. “Trees have always been a mystical and magical part of my life,” Keating explained. “My ‘tree series’ began in 1978, and will always be an ongoing experiment.” Her work started out devoid of color except at times employing colored watercolor paper. But when she moved to Florida, she started incorporating color as a new medium using oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons and adding acrylics into the mix as her “vibrational art” was born.

Ms. Keating’s goal today is to share her passion for life with the world and promote her art across the Internet, and her new website is designed with those results in mind. According to Keating, “My goal has always been to share my vision through my art with as many people as possible, and the website Bruce Arnold designed for me is the tool I needed to reach out to the world, get exposure and explore new opportunities.”

In order to garner the traffic and exposure needed to create those new opportunities, is designed at the source level to deliver broad accessibility and high search visibility while preserving the artist’s dream and right to enjoy the fruits of her labors. The website passes all seven tests of “Web 3.0 Readiness” which means, among other things, that its web pages consist of W3C-compliant and WCAG-validated tableless HTML5 and CSS3 with Unobtrusive Javascript. This professional standards framework and coding discipline separates content from format and behavior and thereby optimizes efficiency and search engine indexing potentials. The gallery animation is jQuery-based so that every web page could be verified accessible using not only the latest versions of the five major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) but also flash-free HTML5 user agents such as Mobile Safari on the Apple iPad. And to protect art and artist by deterring copyright violations and online piracy, DigiMarc(tm) technology was applied to embed an imperceptible digital watermark in all of Keating’s original art images. Unlike standard metadata that can be stripped away, these digital watermarks will persist within the images and allow them to be traced and monitored even if they are copied or manipulated.

With all bases covered, Keating is confident about the outcome: “Thanks to Bruce Arnold and his amazing mastery of how words and standards drive the Web, I believe my dream will become a reality.”

About Roz Keating

Rosalind (“Roz”) Keating refers to her works of natural surrealism as “vibrational color art”. Her drawings and fantasy pieces are free flowing thoughts about the environment–things most of us view every day yet often forget–with a focus on trees. To acquire or commission her contemporary surrealistic art for your home, office, gallery collection or other venue, or to arrange for a private showing or public exhibition of her creations, logon to


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