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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

A Hangling Conversation Group Exhibition at Red Gate Gallery

This group exhibition brings together a collection of new paintings by four Wimbledon College of Art 2nd Year painting students, with the aim of creating an exhibition diverse in works holding a variety of minds.

Maya Brodzinska tries to integrate and reflect in her art practice her interest in certain aspects of today’s materialised and digitalised society. Her latest works explore the idea of beauty within this commercialised world, and how the ever-existing pursuit of beauty is dominated and shaped by the market, advertising, and by icons created by the mass media.

Amy Cochrane paints found images, ideally using painting like a camera to capture, but rather to capture the fantasies, the absurdities, and the curiosities, creating an artificial visual and imaginary time. Her paintings are wrapped in metaphors, both within their imagery, and the liquid metaphors within paint itself.

Jonathan Kelly’s recent work is based upon a series of drawings made in the Swiss Alps. Creating studio paintings removed from depictions of reality. Interested in works achieving complete autonomy, void of romance and stripped of mystification. These analytical works aim to pose questions regarding what it is that makes a landscape, and what makes a painting.

James Yule is intrigued by music, art and contemporary culture. He composes songs that critique contemporary culture and popular music while also informing his paintings. The structures of the paintings, like the structures of the song lyrics, are created from juxtapositions of images found in newspapers, and the colours are derived from the song chords through a process of synaesthetic interpretation.

Red Gate Gallery is a non-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to the continuous exposure of contemporary and diverse Art forms. It encompasses artists’ studios, a large gallery space suitable for installations, film projections, music performances, live gigs and exhibitions. Red Gate is located within a busy environment between Brixton & Camberwell. The gallery hosts regular events, exploring strands of thought provoking art. Since 1998 it has hosted over 500 events and exhibitions.

Red Gate Gallery 209a Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8RU