Robert Sample Solo Show at Signal Gallery

Private View: 7th January 2010, 6 – 9pm Open to the public: 8th – 23rd January 2010

Robert Sample is a young artist with a very contemporary view of the past. He explores, by the use of many traditional figurative methods, a world that has strong visual references to earlier masters and styles, yet is very much rooted in the present. In his forthcoming solo show at Signal Gallery, we will have the chance to see his most recent fine body of work.

Robert Sample
Robert Sample

The Signal Gallery solo show is called ‘The Removal’. The title is intended to be both ambiguous (implying loss) while also specifically referring to the primary of the sources of inspiration for the show.

Robert has spent some time working with a company who carry out house clearances. He has been involved in clearing out the belongings of old people who have died, but had no one left to carry out this difficult task for them. This has made a deep impression on the artist, finding the casual sweeping away of whole lifetimes possessions, however apparently valueless, a heart wrenching experience. The artist’s response to these experiences and ideas finds artistic form in the Signal Gallery show as a series of intense paintings on reclaimed plywood.

‘The Removal’ will be Robert Sample’s first solo show. However, he has shown in a large number of high quality group shows in London including shows at Black Rat Press and the Leonard Street Gallery, as well as in Barcelona. The show at Signal Gallery promises to be a fine example of that rare thing, a collection of unapologetic figurative works, which do not rely on irony or nostalgia to create a strong impact.

Signal Gallery, 96a Curtain Road, Hoxton, London, EC2A 3AA. 0207 613 1550