Solo Show Peter Feiler – Galerie Adler, Frankfurt am Main

We all struggle with inner contradictions – this also applies to Peter Feiler (1981, Halle an der Saale, Germany). The artist uniquely demonstrates this in his third solo exhibition titled “Gruppenausstellung” (group exhibition). Mostly, his works inhabit the borderline between wit and horror. This time, however, the artist has not constrained himself to only displaying works that focus on his central theme: the abyss of human existence. Peter Feiler captures his critical view of society with sharpness, unwillingness to compromise and the application various techniques onto paper and canvas. In the process, he emphasizes the surreal assembly of specific social topics and the political personalities involved.

Peter Feiler

The focal point of the exhibition is the 450 x 390 cm paperwork “Das Narrenschiff im Terrorstrom“ (the ship of fools in a torrent of terror), that depicts our society as a doomed ship. Populated by politicians, managers and bankers, it irreversibly rushes up to an abyss. Meanwhile, the scum of the earth transform themselves into a surge of rats that, through a transparent tube, seek salvation in an upward flight and in the favor of the politicians. In parallel, Feiler illustrates the negative, manic aspects of coitus degraded to an industrial product and mans’ transformation into will-less madmen. Teeming with naked bodies, open wounds in repulsive, nevertheless fascinating detail, avarice, lasciviousness, self-harm and the psychotic desire for pain and destruction – a portrait of the human’s soul very darkest side and the chasms of our society.

The crayon, this uncommon medium, adds a pastel colorfulness and an almost childishly innocent patina standing in sharp contrast with the almost pornographic poses of many of his protagonists; thus putting his grotesque figures into perspective. The soft coloring and the filigree execution of the oversized leaves will beguile the beholder into the richness of detail, only then to be confronted with the full brutality that inhabits the darkest side of the human soul.

The epic scale of his narrative style creates a confusing web of different coherences and fragments. Feiler does not offer a preset direction of reading, but forces the beholder to engage with the complexity, the entanglement and the grotesque details of his works.

The special feature of this exhibition is that this entangled web continues in further works, causing multiple suffocation of the beholder. He must find his way between drawings that are rich in detail, bold works made with edding-markers and photorealistic depictions or paintings that initially seem romantic. The plethora of subjects ranges from orgiastic scenes and contemporary events linked to foreign policy, to genre-critical approaches. Where Feiler creates a photorealistic depiction of newspaper clipping concerning Gerhard Richter’s generous, charitable donation of a painting, it cannot simply be interpreted as condemning the 09-11 terrorist-machinations. He also criticizes the highly intellectualized egomania of individual artists.

The work “Optionen” (options) by contrast, at first appeals to the spectator in a curious way, but subsequently compels him to turn away in disbelief. Peter Feiler demonstrates yet another facet of his work when he turns to the painting “Jesus with his disciples“ (1840) by Ferdinand Olivier, an important Nazarene painter, and singles out the image-cut on the right-hand side. By means of this apparently harmless landscape he elicits an almost psychedelic sensation of restriction in the beholder.

As it seems, the actual portrayal of horror is not absolutely necessary to create horror. It’s the feeling of fright and bewilderment they convey, that serves to connect the works of Peter Feiler’s “Gruppenausstellung”.

Galerie Adler is focusing on new and fresh international talents with a unique handwriting going along with strong and challenging themes.

The artists reflect the self-image, the desires and dreams of human beings in today’s society. They explore topics like youth culture, social conflicts, life and death, faith and despair as well as angst, loneliness, violence and other kinds of human abysses. Their work can be described as morbid, provocative, bizarre but also as ironic, mystic
and grotesque. They provide a link between drama and humour.

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Image: I lie. I lie, too. mixed media on paper, 84×150 cm