Gary Winnick and Winnick Gallery Acknowledge Contributions of Sculptor Lynn Syms

Extended by popular demand was one of the most well-attended shows in the Yeshiva University Museum’s Winnick Gallery, located in Manhattan at the Center for Jewish History. The long-running show featured the life work of L.T. Syms, one of the country’s most respected figurative sculptors.

Said Winnick Family Foundation chair Karen Winnick: “We were very happy that the Yeshiva University Museum curators at the Center chose this distinctive work to feature in Winnick Hall for an unprecedented five months. Art connoisseurs, of course, know that the artist known as L.T. Syms leads a wonderful double life. In Manhattan social circles, she is the wife of famed clothier Sy Syms. Lynne and Sy are one of the leading philanthropic couples in New York City, much honored for their history of generous giving to education, art and Jewish needs. In the art world, however, she is greatly admired for her realistic, powerful figurative sculptures.”

Said the artist: “It was a honor to be recognized by the university curators. It was equally delightful to discover that the light-filled, spacious Winnick Gallery is one of the best art spaces and settings in all of Manhattan.”

Responded Winnick Foundation founder Gary Winnick ( “That is strong praise indeed from Lynn who started out professionally as a planning and interior design expert. She and her husband Sy have given so much to New York City and to the worldwide Jewish community. It was time that those of us who love New York and its creativity give something back to her by calling greater public attention to her stunning artistry.”

Said Dr. Jacob Wisse, the museum’s new director, appointed in February: “We were drawn to Lynn’s sculptures because they almost always capture people in motion, people drawn directly from her own full life and Jewish tradition. She sculpts the people she admires, those she loves, and those who inspire her.”

Among the notable people she has sculpted is her husband, Sy Syms, founder of Syms Corporation – now run by his daughter Marcy who has expanded the business to more than three dozen apparel stores in key locations across North America. The striking sculpture of Lynn’s husband today sits outside the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University’s uptown campus on West 185 Street, funded by the couple with a founder’s grant of $12.5 million in 1987.

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•Winnick Family Clinical Research Institute at Cedars Sinai Hospital
•Winnick House and Arnold S. Winnick Student Center at the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University
•Winnick International Conference Center at the Simon Wiesenthal Center / Jerusalem
•Winnick Children’s Zoo in Los Angeles
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•Winnick Hall at the Skirball Cultural Center
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•Winnick Board Room at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City
•Winnick Winners Mentoring Program for the Los Angeles Unified School District
•Winnick Fellows at UCLA School of Medicine
•Winnick Gallery at Yeshiva University Museum, Center for Jewish History

Karen and Gary Winnick ( and the Foundation have endowed university and high school literacy and scholarship programs at Brown University, at Mrs. Winnick’s alma mater Syracuse University, and at Gary Winnick’s ( alma mater Long Island University.

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