Art Auction Benefits National Museum of Anthropology

Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology Board conducted on June 9th 2009 the first silent art auction, with the aim of raising funds to modernize infrastructure and conserve collections.

national-museum>Marcos Fastlicht, president of the board, inaugurated the modern and contemporary art auction and declared that MNA is a transcendental precinct that gives us identity; he pointed out that “the intention of the auction is promoting art in all its forms and compromising with the institution to attract more donors”.

Consuelo Saizar, president of the National Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA) commented that one way to support Mexico’s development is through generosity; she thanked attendees for contributing to improve one of the greatest museums in the world.

Alfonso de Maria y Campos, general director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) declared that it is important for the Institute not only to raise funds, but also to pass on the relevance of forming part of these efforts to new segments of society.

“We want you to visit the museum not only as spectators, but as part of this space, the National Museum of Anthropology, that turns 45 years old in 2009”.

At the event called “Arte Sana” that offered 150 artworks from private collections, Fastlicht commented that the Museum’s Board was born in 2002 from a group of people concerned about culture and society, from the initiative of Pedro Ramirez Vazquez and Manuel Marron.

Once the resources have been handed over to the MNA, a committee will evaluate the museum’s projects and assign funds to the areas that need them more.

The Board of the Museum inaugurated recently the Educative Services Area, which was improved by actualizing the Orientation Hall, the Tlaloc Auditorium and with the addition of computers and plasma screens.

The auction took place at the “Umbrella” fountain and gathered the work of 80 artists by galleries and independent artists, organized by the academic committee of the board.

Most artwork was created by new painters, photographers and sculptors. “Amalia Garcia” Folkloric Ballet Company livened up the evening.

Image: Alfonso de María y Campos, General Director of INAH, Marcos Fastlicht, Executive President of the National Museum of Anthropology, and Consuelo Sáizar, President of CONACULTA during Arte-Sana auction. Photo: Melitón Tapia/INAH.