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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Call For Entries for 5th Annual Evening of Arts & Entertainment

Los Angeles based ministry, Arts and Entertainment Ministries (AEM), is now accepting submissions for their October 3rd show “An Evening of Arts & Entertainment” in Los Angeles, California.

Artists who are Christians from all over the world are invited to submit their work (visual and performing arts as well as film and media) for the show. Submissions will be accepted from now through June 10, 2008.

In order to submit for the show, you must go to AEM’s website, and download the submission form and FAQ Sheet. All the information regarding submissions is on the website. Artists will be required to sign a statement of faith and the art chosen must be consistent with a Christian Worldview. Christian Worldview doesn’t mean the art necessarily needs to be evangelistic or on a biblically themed topic.

The last four shows were a tremendous success and have included both award winning artists and successful emerging artists. The artists range from visual artists whose shows have made it to the Getty Museum and The Kennedy Center, to filmmakers who have won numerous awards at film festivals, to performing artists who’ve won Academy Awards and LA Music Awards, to name a few.

“The quality of work by both emerging artists and veterans in their field is mind blowing,” says President and CEO of AEM Rev. Joel Pelsue, “This event continues to have extraordinarily talented Christians showing art from a Christian Worldview that is not only top quality but deals with relevant, powerful and provocative issues facing the world today. We don’t just accept any work- the work must be top quality because the ultimate goal is for participants to be afforded the opportunity to expand their careers by having their art shown in Los Angeles while developing lifelong relationships with other Christians in the business.”

To view a slide show of the alumni artists and their work from the last four shows, visit AEM’s myspace page at:

Arts and Entertainment Ministries (AEM) is an evangelical, nonprofit ministry dedicated to educating, supporting, and inspiring artists, creative professionals and cultural influencers to integrate their faith with their creative process. AEM also educates religious and academic leaders on the importance of evangelical Christians engaging our culture and redeeming art & beauty for the glory of God.

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