Art Bridges Gallery Adds Socially-Responsible African-American Artists Online

Los Angeles, CA – Art Bridges Gallery, an on-line gallery of well-known Southern California artists, adds recognized artists Mark Steven Greenfield and Matthew Thomas to its gallery on March 24, 2008, offering an increasing level of diversity and artistic excellence. According to Joan de Bruin, Gallery Director, “This is unique opportunity to view the insightful works of two socially-responsible artists who are found in prestigious art collections throughout the United States and abroad.”

Artistic Offerings:

Mark Steven Greenfield’s silk screen prints and lenticular (overlapping image) prints confront black stereotypes through the demeaning caricatures of the Jim Crow era. “My hope is that my artwork …exorcises the enduring specter that dwells in the American psyche.”

Matthew Thomas closes the chasm between Buddhist and Christian thought by melding the geometric symbols and elements of both worlds into his paintings, mixed media artworks and age-old art processes. “My grandfather’s African Methodist altar…left a lasting impression on me, leading to a lifelong exploration of [diverse] cultural identities and religious beliefs in art.”
De Bruin states, “The selection of these talented artists for the site was based on their 25 + years of professional experience, peer recognition and recommendations, and an invitation from the Gallery Director.”

The online gallery can be navigated with three distinct gallery spaces: 1) Two-Dimensional, 2) Three-Dimensional, and 3) Collections. The website brings a one-of-a-kind gallery experience to curators, art collectors and the public. The web site address is:

Current Art Bridges Gallery Artists:
Carol Bishop, Dorte Christjansen, Joseph Gatto, Gayle Salmon Gale, Lukman Glasgow, Mark Steven Greenfield, John Kempton, Mildred Kouzel, Thea Robertshaw, Joel Schiller, Matthew Thomas, Barbara Thomason, Kent Twitchell, Stephen Werlick, Eleanor Yudkoff and LeMonte Westmoreland, and joining this spring Joseph Beckles, Janice DeLoof, Harriet Zietlin; Gil Ortiz.