Aenvia LLC Experiences Rapid Growth!

Roughly one month ago, the small Minnesota-based company, Aenvia LLC. boldly stepped into the vast world of e-commerce. Aiming to offer services to the global art community that had never before been found in one place, Aenvia immediately began to draw attention. Gathering some 200 users and accumulating an impressive collection of art valued at nearly $100,000 in less than 4 weeks, the site has certainly begun to make its way into the mainstream.

“It’s an ongoing process. We’re continually working with our users to improve the Aenvia experience,” replied Alex Filler, the company’s CEO, when asked about the small company’s rapid evolution. He continued, “I like to get directly involved with the process as much as possible, so as not to overlook any details. With a project like this, it’s all about the details.” Grandville Ricks, senior developer and managing director, added “We do our best to streamline the operation. With so much input from out patrons, it’s important that we integrate new features quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.” This manner of operation was evidenced by a recent, major update. “This is the culmination of everything we’ve learned over the past month. Hopefully we’ve covered all the major points…[but] we’re not going take a break anytime soon,” commented Mr. Ricks. The service pack contains a number of revisions – some rather extensive – as well as several entirely new features.

While Aenvia LLC is a private company, it was revealed that several offers have already been put forth by various investors. No further information was disclosed, but Mr. Filler reassured that “We’ll continue to release information as events transpire.”

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