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Artplex Gallery announces Bruce Rubenstein: Welcome to the Pharcyde

Artplex Gallery is thrilled to announce the captivating exploration of unparalleled artistic expression with our upcoming solo exhibition, Bruce Rubenstein: Welcome to the Pharcyde. On view February 9 – February 16, 2024 Opening: Friday, February 9, 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

This exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the dynamic interplay of perpetual activity and artistic motion captured in Rubenstein’s work. A New York native who found a creative haven in Los Angeles in 1985, Rubenstein transforms his canvases into vibrant extensions of his creative intuition. Inspired by Joan Miró, Jean Arp, Gerhard Richter, and Pablo Picasso, Rubenstein’s artistic style is a testament to intense expressions and a playful spirit. As we unveil this exhibition, witness the fusion of influences, including the innovative and playful approach of the hip-hop group The Pharcyde, adding an extra layer to Rubenstein’s distinctive style. Join us on this journey of creativity, expression, and the enduring spirit of artistic exploration.

Bruce Rubenstein, a New York native who transplanted to Los Angeles in 1985, embodies the quintessentially “New Yorker” element of perpetual activity and artistic motion in his work. His creative process is a spirited journey, turning each canvas into a vibrant extension of his creative intuition. Fueled by a determined quest to “validate individual existence through art,” Rubenstein’s body remains in constant motion, deconstructing compositional elements borrowed from art history into distinct sources of energy.

Rubenstein specializes in large-scale artworks, using huge canvases to tell his stories. “He is an artist, and that means someone who cannot restrain the flow of ideas,” says author David Rodgers. “He is someone who they just burst out of, who cannot help but communicate, and who sees no reason to stop. He’s a man not limited by media to communicate the stories that he needs to (and must) tell, through any medium he feels necessary.” In 1995, Rubenstein co-wrote a semi-autobiographical film called “Bullet” about a struggling artist. The film’s stars included Adrien Brody and Mickey Rourke, both of whom are among Rubenstein’s collectors.

Inspired by mid-20th-century New York Abstract Expressionism, Joan Miró, Jean Arp, Gerhard Richter, Picasso’s ventures into Synthetic Cubism, and his compelling life narrative, Rubenstein’s artistic style is vibrant and distinctive, marked by intense expressions and a playful spirit. His artistic journey is a fervent struggle, a joyous return to the essence of creation amid the chaos.

Deeply rooted in the energetic fusion of constant motion and expressive creativity, Rubenstein’s artistic practice is also influenced by diverse cultural elements. One significant influence comes from the hip-hop group The Pharcyde, known for their innovative and playful approach to music. Their impact on Rubenstein’s art adds another layer to his vibrant and distinctive style.

Much like The Pharcyde’s dynamic and genre-defying contributions to the hip-hop scene, Rubenstein incorporates elements of spontaneity and unbridled expression into his creations. The group’s ability to blend various influences and push the boundaries of traditional hip-hop resonates with Rubenstein’s approach to merging abstract forms, organic shapes, and symbolic hints in his mixed media artworks.

The flowing pigments in Rubenstein’s work symbolize both the conduit of chance and the vessel of memory, oscillating between the artist’s personal life narrative and the rich tapestry of art history. His artistic practice represents an evolution spanning four decades and features a celebration of creativity, expression, and the enduring spirit of artistic exploration.

Bruce Rubenstein’s work has been collected worldwide.

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