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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Willy Richardson Appears in Paper Band at Jason McCoy Gallery

Exhibition Dates: July 11 – August 24th; Opening reception July 11th 6 – 8pm at Jason McCoy Gallery, 41 East 57th Street, New York, NY

Artist Willy Richardson’s work will appear in a group show titled Paper Band at Jason McCoy Gallery, located
at 57th & Madison in the heart of Manhattan. Grouped along with Agnes Martin, Lee Krasner, David Hockney and many other contemporary and modern painters, Richardson’s contribution to the show is a work called “Bathers 5” which combines green lines in several hues to render a lush fertile landscape of abstraction and warmth. Richardson’s painting combines architectural precision with abstracted flourishes rendered with a palette of many colors. Listening to a wide array of music as he paints, his work captures the climactic essence of experiences that are fleeting – but which also last forever.

Willy Richardson, Bathers 5, oil on paper, 18 x 20. 5 in

Katy Crocker, arts editor of Adobe Airstream writes, “Vertical strokes might resemble relics from a dream or histories without words—each color perhaps symbolic of a different emotion, radio station, or musical note. In a synesthetic fashion, vibrating colors are like sounds, provoking movement. Transitions of color seem to indicate the passage of time.”

Richardson, 38, lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and received an MFA from Pratt Institute. In addition to exhibit- ing his work internationally, he maintains a standing position at Santa Fe University of Art & Design as a paint- ing professor. You may also see his work at ClampArt Gallery in Chelsea New York through the summer where he is showing works, “Clear Light 2,” “Walkyries 2,” and “Three Muses 4.”

Jason McCoy Gallery was established in 1982 and features an international stable of artists ranging from estab- lished to mid-career and emerging artists. “Though not a survey, Paper Band aims to provide an eclectic and also unpredictable overview of 20th Century and contemporary works on paper.” States Stephanie Buhmann, Director of Jason McCoy. “The installation shows a large selection of aesthetic and stylistic approaches in close proximity. In this context, Willy Richardson’s piece represents a contemporary artist’s re-interpretation of gestural abstraction. His vertical bands of color, which appear woven into a rhythmic sequence, tell of both the spontaneous release inherent in abstract expression and the artist’s thorough contemplation in order to establish a harmonious balance between color and form.”

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