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Club Electroputere presents Punk, Ash and Holocaust

Club Electro Putere presents Punk, Ash and Holocaust open May 25–July 6, 2012. Opening: Friday, May 25, 7pm.

Punk, Ash and Holocaust is a project that highlights events and situations displaying different modalities of subjectivisation, freed from any form of cultural fetishism or artistic engagement.

This project-exhibition documents three situations deeply rooted in the local history of the city of Craiova (Romania) which create broader scopes of interrogation. “Punk“: in the years that followed the 1989 revolution, a couple of hundred young people form an organized group trying to build an identity in a society devoid of role models and marred by a crisis at the level of social relationships. “Ash“: Cristian Comosteanu is a young engineer who was forced after graduating from university to get a job as a watchman at an industrial lake where all the residues coming from a thermoelectric central station were discarded. In order to put up with the difficult working conditions, with isolation and marginalization, he regularly documents, using the medium of photography, the various transformations that the lake and the surrounding landscape undergo. “Holocaust“: Romeo Tiberiade is a Roma citizen who wanted to solve a personal problem related to the history of his community by making a documentary film based on the testimonies of those who survived the Holocaust.

These three initiatives can be understood not only as modalities of subjectivisation in relation to the contemporary socio-political space but also as ways of revaluating the past. They can also be considered as forms of resistance that help individuals and entire communities define themselves as subjects placed at the fringes of knowledge and power regime.

Electroputere is an artistic group based in Romania and founded in 2011 by Adrian Bojenoiu and Alexandru Niculescu. The group embraces an artistic practice primarily inspired by the local context, situated at the limit between artistic production and research. By problematising the status of contemporary culture, Electroputere aims at decoding the existent forms of expression and communication in order to produce alternative cultural discourses.

Punk, Ash and Holocaust is organised by the Center for Contemporary culture Club Electroputere with the support of Henkel and illy.

Club Electro Putere
Calea Bucuresti 56
200515 Craiova, Romania
T +40 (0)745 624526