5piecesgallery.com quadruples sales in 2012

Berne, Switzerland – Following the new demand for original artworks and small editions of young international emerging artists and the increased importance of internet sales, the start-up 5piecesgallery.com is already the second most visited curated online art gallery in the world.

In a city where it is hard to find new works of the most sought-after artists working today, in February 2011 entrepreneur and art collector Dennis Ammann founded 5piecesgallery.com as a one-man business operating out of a small office in Berne, Switzerland to reach the many people who are interested in contemporary art but have little access to it. Using the internet as the next logical step in an increasingly global art market, the start-up is pioneering the merger between e-commerce and the art market and promoting creative culture at its core.

Smartly combining the new realities of the art market, 5piecesgallery.com is the only platform where clients can buy original works by the top emerging artists working around the world directly from artist studios and leading art galleries. As engaging a global audience with contemporary art requires education, information, and a content strategy of the highest caliber, the gallery’s program is carefully selected from internationally acclaimed art experts and curators.

What’s so special about this project is the focus on young emerging museum-quality artists, most of them not older than forty, who have already held exhibitions at the most important museums and galleries like the MoMA, PS1, ICP, MOCA, CO2, and the Saatchi Gallery.
At a time when some of the most renowned contemporary artists come from regions that the art market has not looked at for decades and more and more powerful art buyers are emerging from Asia, Russia, and the Middle East, the need to quickly unite artists and collectors around the globe has never been greater. With its global outlook with 100 painters and 34 photographers from 38 countries, 5piecesgallery.com gives their clients the opportunity to look at many different perspectives on life and society and delivers to art collectors in more than 40 countries.

This worldwide clientele and increased will of collectors to spend large sums on art online paired with transparent prices and a direct e-commerce function, it is often the case that works by artists such as Anthony Lister, Brett Amory, and Daniel Lumbini are sold out within minutes. CEO Dennis Ammann, who has an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Berne, says: “It’s such a great feeling to support the best talented artists from around the globe and see the demand for their work permanently growing.” With the website now the largest focusing on the rising stars of the art world, not only the artists themselves profit from the access to the broadest possible audience, but also the clients through an increase in value. While other online art galleries offer very large print editions of 200 or even 500 prints per work, 5piecesgallery.com provides its audience with the opportunity to own an original and unique work of art and small print editions with a real opportunity for increased value. Dennis Ammann says: “Besides the undeniable beauty of a handmade, originally created artwork, any art collector knows that the artworks with a real possibility of increasing in value are the unique original ones and the small editions.”

The gallery currently offers more than 500 original artworks and 400 small print editions all accompanied by a certificate of authenticity in the price range from $50 up to $20,000. Treading the fine line between offering access to newcomers and exclusivity to veteran collectors, the gallery’s website is not only a place for art collectors and investors looking to find the “next big thing”, but also affordable enough to encourage a new generation of collectors.

Another hint that it is a select audience and not the mass market which is served here is that no more than three full-time employees work at 5piecesgallery.com. Due to the low fixed costs it is not only possible to offer the artworks well below market prices, but also the artists benefit directly from every purchase to a much greater extent than usual in the art market. In the end the concept of the artist as the main actor creates winners on all sides and is a welcomed antipode to million-dollar businesses like artspace.com.

With its curatorial program editorial dossiers, and direct e-commerce, 5piecesgallery.com is aiming high, but the time seems to be ripe for sweeping digital innovation in the art world, with greater broadband access, improved technology for images and screen resolution, as well as increased comfort on the part of collectors with social media and e-commerce; and finally the need, prompted by the economic downturn, for more efficient business solutions. By using social media to build personal relationships between collectors, artists, and the gallery employees and with its daily news content aimed at informing art collectors and enthusiasts, the gallery was able to triple the website’s traffic over the past year, making it the second most visited curated online art gallery in the world.

5piecesgallery.com has established itself quickly as an international meeting place for art collectors, art enthusiasts, and artists with around-the-clock customer service in order to provide members with the details they need to make informed and confident purchase decisions. This is also seen in the monthly sales figures, which have quadrupled in 2012 compared to the average of last year. “I am thrilled with the progress 5piecesgallery.com has made in such a short period of time,” says Dennis Ammann, CEO and founder of 5piecesgallery.com. As a way to say thank you, the first birthday is to be celebrated with special affordable limited print editions of the very talented LA-based artist Stephanie Pryor.

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