Badischer Kunstverein Announces Denisa Lehocka & Boris Ondreicka Try to describe the colour of pure (still) water, my dear

Badischer Kunstverein presents Denisa Lehocká & Boris Ondreička Try to describe the colour of pure (still) water, my dear a presentation of works on view 30 September–27 November 2011. Opening: 29 September 2011, 7 pm.

Badischer Kunstverein is delighted to present the first comprehensive presentation of works by Slovak artists Denisa Lehocká and Boris Ondreička in Germany. “Try to describe the colour of pure (still) water, my dear” introduces two highly divergent artistic positions and confronts the material-based approach of Denisa Lehocká with the language- and sound-based strategies of Boris Ondreička.

Grounded in an everyday practice of drawing, Denisa Lehocká develops and extends the traditional vocabulary of sculpture in complex installations. She translates the world of things into a system of spatial relations that seem to hold the individual elements of each constellation in suspension along the threshold between the becoming and disintegration of formal definitions. At the same time, Lehocká’s situative arrangements act as the physical traces of a continuous process of personal notation, of individual networks of material memory and speculation. In contrast to Lehocká’s material- and process-based approach, Boris Ondreička pursues a strategy of postproduction which positions his works along the borderlines between language, sound, and visuality. Specific materials are regarded by Ondreička as only one among numerous options for realizing his concepts and ideas. His is a conceptual politics and poetry of intervention which—in its directness and immediacy—stands indisputably in the tradition of Punk, but whose concentrated dispersal of resources and systems of references just as clearly invokes the musical and literary legacies of Pop.

Denisa Lehocká (b. 1971 in Trenčín) and Boris Ondreička (b. 1969 in Zlaté Moravce) live and work in Bratislava.

Badischer Kunstverein
Waldstraße 3
76133 Karlsruhe, Germany

Image: Denisa Lehocká, “Untitled,” 2010.

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