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Frank To Sells Half Shadowlines Exhibition on Opening Weekend

Frank To, the young Glasgow-based artist with a growing international reputation as a leading contemporary figurative painter, has sold half the paintings from his new ‘Shadowlines’ exhibition over its opening weekend.

To’s latest work is inspired by fairytales and folklore and includes an exploration of the significance of the wolf as a symbol for the darker side of the human psyche. His ‘Shadowlines’ exhibition consists of 11 paintings that depict several scenes of fairy-tales from different parts of the world.

Frank To said: “I’m very pleased to have sold half the exhibition. Hopefully the show will continue to do well for the remaining four weeks that it’s on.

“In these harsh financial times, the arts have been hit severely – everyone is struggling – and I’m grateful that there remains an appreciation (as well as sales) for my work. I’m really hoping that, by doing well in this exhibition and by continuing to create art, I can inspire people not to give way to the government cuts or to the economic crisis. I want to be part of an example to shake people out of apathy.”

Joyce McGlone, owner Gallery Q, said: “The fact that Frank has already sold half the work, at the very beginning of his show, is significant, particularly in the current difficult and variable economic climate. Frank is a dedicated artist who is serious about his work and, because of that, his paintings generate a lot of interest and he has a growing number of collectors.

“Frank is not stagnant as an artist; he moves on and this latest show shows the quality of his work continuing to improve. Customers like to see development in an artist and that’s exactly what Frank’s doing; he’s going forward and always looking for new ideas and new developments in his work – that’s why he’ll continue on this success path.”

Frank To’s ‘Shadowlines’ exhibition is showing at Gallery Q in Dundee from until 15 October. ‘Shadowlines’ features 11 paintings, ten of which are sized 40 x 50cm, each priced at £1800.

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Image: Frank To, The Battle of the Birds

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