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Bonniers Konsthall Presents Astrid Svangren Exhibition

The Bonniers Konsthall presents an exhibition of work by Astrid Svangren on view 13 April–19 June 2011.

Astrid Svangren is first out in an exhibition series in which Bonniers Konsthall invites artists to create works especially for the Spetsen gallery at the point of the building. The all-glass walls and the curved shapes of the Spetsen gallery provide enormous possibilities as well as great challenges for the artists who tackle it. It is a difficult exhibition space—and thus extraordinarily interesting.

Astrid Svangren’s painting harbours inner tensions and conflicts. It’s figurative versus abstract; delicate drawing versus messy, heavily applied paint; narratives and themes versus spontaneous movement.

Recently, Astrid Svangren’s painting has moved out into the space. New surfaces and material are being explored—Plexiglas leaning against the wall, objects reminiscent of furniture, drafting film and fabric that has been folded and stretched. She makes the exhibition space part of her painting—or, if one turns it around, her painting creates a spatial framework for the visitors’ experience of the space, in this case the Spetsen gallery.

Born in 1972 in Gothenburg, Astrid Svangren lives and works in Copenhagen. She was educated at the Forum art school in Malmö and at the Malmö Art Academy.

Image: Astrid Svangren working at Bonniers Konsthall, 2011. Photo by Sima Korenivski

Spetsen gallery
Torsgatan 19
SE-113 90 Stockholm

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