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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Zeng Fanzhi Exhibition in Hong Kong

Christie’s auctioneers, and the Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai’s leading contemporary art museum, will present “BEING”, an exhibition featuring about 30 iconic works by Zeng Fanzhi (born in 1964), one of the world’s best known Chinese contemporary artists. Sponsored by the François Pinault Foundation and focusing on a theme that is close to the artist’s heart – the interaction between people and the environment – this exhibition will be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 27 to 30 May 2011, coinciding with Christie’s Spring Auctions (27 May to 1 June) at the same venue. Zeng Fanzhi will select one work estimated at HK$10 million for auction at Christie’s Asian Contemporary Art & Chinese 20th Century Art Evening Sale on 28 May. Proceeds from the sale of that work will go to the environmental organisation The Nature Conservancy, and Christie’s will waive all commission. “BEING” exemplifies Christie’s on-going commitment to bringing like-minded institutions and individuals together to promote Chinese art to a global audience and to support initiatives for the environment.

Mr. François Pinault said, “Whether drawing from abstract or figurative paths, whether resounding in expressionist or meditative tones, works by Zeng Fanzhi derive their exceptional power from a permanent tension between memory and the present, between a strong historical legacy and a contemporary reality that is constantly shifting.”

Mr. François Curiel, President of Christie’s Asia, said, “Whether in London, Paris or New York, Christie’s has been actively supporting the development of contemporary art as a major collecting field, through special exhibitions and events. We are delighted to now do so in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Rockbund Art Museum and the support of the François Pinault Foundation, to celebrate the extraordinary work of one of China’s most famous artists, Zeng Fanzhi. Thus we will also pay tribute to Hong Kong’s emergence as one of the major art capitals in the world, and to the role of Chinese contemporary art in this development.”

Mr. Thomas Ou, Chairman of the Board of Rockbund Art Museum, said, “Zeng Fanzhi is one of the most prominent artists in China. Rockbund Art Museum in August 2010 held the exhibition „2010 Zeng Fanzhi‟ showcasing a series of artistic exploration achievements including large-scale oil paintings, sculptures, and spatial installations. Enthusiastic responses were received from the art world and the public for the academic and aesthetic values of the exhibition. With the support of Christie‟s and Francois Pinault Foundation, we are very glad that this exhibition allows people in Hong Kong and visitors from different countries and regions to have the opportunity to appreciate such extraordinary artistic creations. Through this kind of event, we also hope to lead the public to ponder on issues like environmental protection which the entire human race is now facing. Although Rockbund Art Museum is currently closed for refitting, in the meantime, we are actively planning various events to continue to promote the contemporary artworks and enhance the understanding, awareness and support of Chinese contemporary art and culture. This exhibition is one of the many endeavours.”

Image: Zeng Fanzhi, Untitled 08-4-8, 2008. 260 x 360 cm. (in 2 panels), oil on canvas. Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2011

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